How To Buy and Secure Your Plot Of Land In Nigeria Today

Its indeed been such a long time since I last made a post here, its not because I never wanted to, its not because I’m short of ideas on what topic to pen on, its because of the many troubles of a young bachelor who is yet to find a good and stable source of income. But on this post today, I’ll be discussing a very interesting topic – How to buy and secure your plot of land in Nigeria.

I’m writing on this topic because I’ve seen, heard and watched people lose their plot(s) of land in broad day light simply because they failed to take some necessary steps before and after buying the plot of land and so, I encourage you to read and share this article with as many loved ones as you can. So let’s see how you can buy and secure your plot of land in Nigeria today

Before I’ll begin, I’ll like to make it know that this post is applicable to you if you intend to acquire a plot of land by free hold or Lease hold. I’ll explain these in another post.
So let’s assume you have what it takes to acquire a plot of land (that Is enough cash), the next thing you’re going to do is;

Consult A Registered Real Estate Land/Agent

As a newbie in land matters, it is recommended that you seek the services of a registered land agent close to you. I said this because they’re the ones in the town, they know a lot of people, land owners and have closed a good number of deals as far as landed properties is concerned. So they know how to provide you exactly what you need without you having fears

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buy plot of land in Warri
You can consult using the details above for your reliable plot of land in Delta state


A registered land Agent will make investigations on your behalf, asks about the owners of the land, determines its really owned by the sellers, and when he’s sure, will give you Tue best deals ever
Note: There are also fraudulent land agents out there. So be sure who you consult.
Just in the case where you know no land Agent to consult, if you would like to go solo on the process of land procurement, then you must follow the steps below;

Ask Questions about the land you intend to buy

This is very necessary even if you are using the services of a land Agent. Go to the community where the said plot of land Is located, ask questions that would help you determine the family that owns the land, if the land is genuine if they’re The real owners.

To ensure you’re getting a firsthand information about the plot of land, meet with the secretary general of the community, meet with the Oldest person in the family of the sellers, consult with the chairman of the community or any person that could give a credible in for action regarding the plot of land  
The reason why this investigation is necessary I’d because you’re about to put your hard earned money on a property. Should anything go wrong, you’ll live with the guilt for a long time. So dig up dirt’s if any to ensure you’re dealing with the right people.


Only Pay When You’re Satisfied

After you’ve made all necessary inquiries, conducted your investigation as suggested on (2) above, then I suggest you proceed to make your payment. 

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In making Payments, ensure the seller comes along with the original copy of his or her voter’s ID/International Passport or any means of identification issued by the Government as this will be a credible evidence in case anything goes wrong in time to come, seller should also present 2 witnesses to sign on the witnesses section of the agreements provided by your lawyer. The provided ID must be photocopied and attached to the agreement signed 
You must ensure that before payment, your lawyer drafts a “deed of conveyance” stating; 

your name

the seller name, 

location of the plot of land and 

a brief history of the land, there must be a section for witnesses also.

Do not forget to collect your receipt also

Survey and Lodge To Get your 4 Unique Lodgement Numbers

After you and the seller signs the deed of conveyance, proceed to get a registered surveyor. The role of the surveyor would be to Mark the boundaries. Install Beacons on all 4 corners of the plot and inscribe lodgment 4 numbers only unique to your plot of land.
Once the Surveyor is done with this step, he will produce for you a survey plan showing: 

the boundaries, 

the length and breadth of your plot of land in (Feet’s and Meters)

GPS coordinates of each beacon planted on the 4 edges of the plot of land.

the total land area

the scale of the plan

the location of the plot of land (nearest road)

Name of the lawyer, etc.

Proceed With Processing your “Certificate Of Occupancy”


You can after having surveyed the plot of land, obtained the survey plan proceed with registration of the plot of land for Certificate Of Occupancy commonly called “C of O”. This is the authentic document issued by the state government. It shows that you’re the owner of the plot of land whose registration number and other details appear on file.

As long as this post is all about How to buy and secure your plot of land in Nigeria, i must therefore say that the “C of O” is one of the most important document you must have for your landed property. This is because should there occur  trespassing, your C of O stands as evidence for you.

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Fence Your Property

Having completed every process mentioned above, i hereby say “Congratulations” to you as you have joined the list of land owners in Nigeria but then, in order to secure your boundaries, avoid encroachment and stealing of your plot of land, i suggest you fence your plot of land.
The good news is that there is a post on how to calculate the number of blocks required to fence a plot of land on this blog. With this post, you can know the required number of blocks for the job.
This is it on How to buy and secure your plot of land in Nigeria. Please encourage others to read this article too, you may never know when you will be saving someone out there!
Fencing your property is very important.

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  1. Thank you so much for this article, exactly what I need before buying a plot of land in Nigeria. Your articles are very much appreciated. Again, thank you!

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