How To Estimate Quantity Of PVC Ceiling For Self Contain

While brainstorming on the next topic to write for you my audience, i remembered i have never written anything about Roofing as well as Ceiling and so today i  want to give us a quick guide on calculating the number of PVC Ceiling required for a self contain.
If you’re looking for how to estimate the exact number of pvc ceiling to buy for that self contain you’re building, then this post is for you.

Just sit tight and follow me through the different headings

What Is PVC Ceiling?

I am really not going to spend more time on this definition thing because what matters is that you are able to complete your project with the best material isn’t that so?
PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, the ceiling is just a kind of ceiling material made with Polyvinyl Chloride plastics, they’re light and easy to install.

What is the Length Of One PVC Ceiling?

On the average, the length of a PVC Ceiling is measured to be 19.5ft (5950mm or 5.95m)

pvc ceiling fixing
PVC Ceiling before setting

What is the Width of One PVC Ceiling?

The Width of one PVC Ceiling is 200mm or 8 inches

How Many PVC Ceiling Will Cover A Self Contain In Nigeria?

In order to know the number of PVC Ceiling that will cover a self contain, we sure need to do this with a building plan showing the self contain under consideration.
This is because we need the dimensions of each part of the building that is to be covered with the PVC Ceiling so i am uploading a Building plan of self contain below (Self contain is simply a one bedroom apartment with parlor, kitchen, dining and toilet attached)
building plan of self contain - guardianconstructions
Plan of Self Contain apartment Drawn by Nwachukwu Richard
Now we itemize all sections in the apartment using the dimensions and then work out the area of each one of them.
In the self contain above, we have the following parts, their dimensions and areas below:

Note: Dimensions on the plan were in milimeter, these were converted to meters thus the areas are in square meters

Dimensions = 1000mm x 3600 = 1 x 3.6 = 3.6m2
Dimensions = 3800 x 5250 = 3.8 x 5.25 = 19.7m2
Dimensions = 3600 x 4000 = 3.6 x 4.0 =   14.4m2
Inner Varandah 
Dimensions = 1250 x 2350 = 1.25 x 2.35 = 2.94m2
Dimensions = 1250 x 2350 = 1.25 x 2.35 = 2.94m2
Dimensions = 1650 x 2900 = 1.65 x 2.9 = 4.8m2
Now listen carefully, the eaves will also receive PVC, we are going to assume the length for eaves as 2 feet (600mm), this covers the entire length and breadth of the building, multiplying by the lenths x 600, breadths x 600 gives us the total area to be covered by pc ceilings on the exterior corners of the building.

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Length of building = (8400)mm x 600 = 8.4 x 0.6
Breadth of building = (5350)mm x 600 = 5.35 x 0.6
Now we will obtain the area and multiply by 2
8.4 x 0.6 = 5.04 x 2 = 10.8m2
5.35 x 0.6 = 3.21 x 2 = 6.42m2
Total area for eaves = 17.22m2
Now we are going to add all these areas together in order to get the overall area to be covered by the PVC Ceiling.
Total area to be covered by PVC Ceiling in  a Self contain
Total Area = Area (Varandah + Parlor+ Bedroom + Inner Varandah + WC + Kitchen + Area of eaves)
Total Area = (3.6+19.7+14.4+2.94+2.94+4.8+17.22)m2
Total area = 65.66m2
I hope you understood how we got these values by reading the building plan above?
Now lets know how many lengths of PVC We will need for a self contain apartment here in Nigeria. In order to do this, we must first know the area of one PVC Ceiling.
Remember we already know the length and breadth of one PVC ceiling 
Now let us answer another important question

What is the area of One PVC Ceiling?


In order to calculate the area of one pvc ceiling, we must know the length (5950mm) as well as the width/Breadth (200mm)

Therefore, the area of one pvc = 5.95 x 0.200
and this gives us 1.5m2 (1.5 square meters)

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Now we know the surface area of one pvc ceiling, we also know the entire surface area where PVC ceiling is to be fixed, lets now estimate the quantity of pvc ceiling required for the job
To get the number of pvc ceiling that will be required for a self contain apartment, we divide the total area (65.66m2) by the area of one pvc ceiling (1.5m2)
Dividing this, we have
65.66/1.5 = 44 lengths of PVC Ceiling
So when asked how to estimate quantity of pvc ceiling for self contain apartment, quickly run to this blog and i promise you will understand how to calculate it easily.
The plan above is not drawn to standard.
This is just for educational purpose only, if you must quote this for someone out there, ensure the dimensions are the same.
This content was written by a Nigerian, so do not be surprised if pvc is not used in your area.

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  1. Thanks for educating us
    But i want to let you know that pvc is not the same as tiles. If you calculate it like this it will not be enough for the job
    Remember they use to have of cuts which may not fit in another space of the house
    If a room is 5m by 4.8m after putting PVC in area like this the off cuts may not size any space again in the house for that it’s rendered useless. This off cuts that doesn’t fit in for another space which was also calculated to be useful will shot the quantity of materials needed

    • Those of cuts can be used to dress the eaves or small porch, small varandah, etc! This platform is managed by professionals in the field

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