How to Effectively Manage a Small Construction Firm

The construction industry is an essential part of the modern world. It supports the growth and development of towns and cities by constructing new commercial and residential premises.

The industry also helps to ensure that key infrastructure remains in perfect working order with teams of road and sanitation engineers being tasked with vital maintenance projects.

In many Western countries, small construction firms take on a wide range of building projects that support the local economy and provide jobs for skilled and semi-skilled workers.

Managers of such firms play a key role in the operations by ensuring that projects progress smoothly and workers can operate in a safe environment.

In this article, there is a discussion of how to effectively manage small construction firms.

From making safety a priority to utilizing project management platforms and enabling effective multi-site working, this article will demonstrate some key strategies for managing small construction firms.

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Use technology to assist with project management

Small construction firms will need to take on a wide range of projects and construction contracts. Each job needs to be effectively planned and managed to ensure that it does not go over budget and adheres to the planned timescales.

A key way to facilitate this is by using dedicated project management software that has been designed for the construction industry.

This software typically includes scheduling tools, document management, and budgeting aspects that can allow you to keep track of expenditure and staffing costs.

Some of the most popular project management tools for construction firms include Asana, OrangeScrum, and Fieldwire, although many other platforms are available. Choose a software package that suits the needs of your firm and covers every aspect of your project planning.

Moving equipment across multiple sites

Even the smallest construction firms will need to operate across multiple sites during their projects. For example, part of the team may be working on a residential roofing project while other staff may be needed to lay the foundations for a new commercial build on a different site.

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It is important to remember that construction equipment may be needed at both sites during a project. Some equipment and machinery may be limited in number so it is vital that these items can be shipped from site to site effectively.

Construction managers should search online for shipping companies that have experience in moving heavy goods and retrieve free shipping quotes from each site.

It can be beneficial to build long-term working relationships with shipping firms that have built a reputation for delivering construction equipment in short timescales.

Ideally, they will be able to charge competitive rates for shipping and be able to deliver with the minimum of notice. In short, securing the services of shipping firms can be a key way to effectively manage multi-site projects.

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Make safety a priority in all jobs

Finally, in all forms of construction, site safety should be the main priority. Staff should have access to suitable safety equipment and PPE, based on the roles that they undertake.

In addition, routine risk assessments should take place on the site to ensure that the working environment is safe and that any hazards are identified.

Staff should be actively encouraged to report any accidents or incidents on-site.

This will allow managers to gain a complete understanding of the risks at each site. They can then take steps to minimize or eradicate these risks to improve worker safety.





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