How many Blocks will Build a 12 by 12 Room?

If you’re interested in erecting a 12 by 12 room then you’ll also be wanting to know how many blocks that is required to achieve this and that is exactly what this article is about to help you discover.

A 12 by 12 room actually means the dimensions of the room you’re building is 12 feet wide and 12 feet long and of course it could be a security man’s room or shops you’ll rent out to traders usually in front of by the side of your building.

How to Estimate the number of blocks required to build a 12 by 12 Room!

Before estimating, let is have some agreement necessary to help us be on the same page.
We’ll be using ;
5 Inch blocks
Windows are 1200mm wide (2)
Door is 900mm wide
DPC is 4 blocks High

So the room measures 12ft by 12ft…

Refer to the diagram below to understand what we’re talking about.

How many Blocks for 12 by 12 Room
Diagram showing the elevation of a 12 by 12 room

First we’ll need the perimeter of the room and this we’ll do by adding up all the dimensions of all 4 sides of the room.

Perimeter of room = 2 (l + b)
Where the length, l is 12ft
where the breadth, b is 12ft
The perimeter of a 12 by 12 room is 2(12 + 12)
The perimeter is therefore 2(24) = 48ft

Now that we’ve ascertained the perimeter of the room we’re about building, the next thing is to find out how many blocks would cover each course or let’s say, the number of blocks for each level.
In order to determine the number of blocks on each course, we’ll divide the Total perimeter by the length of 1 block.

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The length of 1 block is 1.6ft or one foot six inches.

Dividing 48 by 1.6 or 48/1.6, we’ll have 30 number of blocks for each level.

We’ve established The perimeter as well as the number of blocks for each level.

Next is determining the number of blocks from the foundation to DPC level.

Blocks to DPC level for a 12 by 12 room

In order to determine the number of blocks to DPC level, we’ll refer to our assumptions earlier where we agreed that our DPC should be 4 blocks high.

So since we have 30 blocks to cover each level, we’ll need 30 x 4 blocks to reach the DPC level which gives us 120 blocks.

So for a 12 by 12 room, we’ll need 120 blocks and this concludes our block requirements for the sub structure.

Determine the number of blocks for Super structure.

From the DPC, there are about 11 levels of block to the finishing level. This is based on the fact that the room in question has no gable.

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From the DPC to lintel levels, there are 9 levels of block, and after this is the lintel before the last 2 levels

Readers are to understand that we’re not considering lintels in this project as the estimate is focusing on blocks only.

For super structure, we need 30 x 11 = 330 blocks.

Confused? We have determined from the substructure that there is need for 30 blocks on each level. But there are 11 levels from DPC to the roofing level.

This means 330 blocks is required but then we’ll deduct for voids.

In building construction, voids are openings like Windows, Doors, Archs, etc
We have 2 voids which are 2 windows and a door and the deducted number of blocks are highlighted below!

Door x 1
The door is 900mm or 3 feet by 9 blocks high.
This is 2 blocks wide by 9 blocks high.
This is 18 blocks deduction since we have just 1 door

Windows X 2
We have 2 windows sized 1200mm or 4 feet and this is 5 blocks high.
1200mm is 4 feet or 2.6 blocks
2.6 blocks x 5 = 14 blocks

We have 2 windows, so we have 14 x 2 windows = 28 blocks

Total deductions for a 12 by 12 room with 2 windows will be 28 + 18 blocks = 46 blocks
Therefore, after deducting 46 blocks from 330, we’ll have a total of 284 blocks for the superstructure.

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After determining blocks for sub and super structure, we can now state the Total number of blocks required to complete a 12 by 12 room.

In answering the question “how many blocks will build a 12 by 12 room?“, it is now easy to add up all blocks calculated.

Substructure needs 120 blocks
Super structure needs 284 blocks

Total is 404 blocks but we’re adding a 10% for breakages and miscellaneous bringing the absolute total blocks required to build a 12 by 12 room to 445 blocks.

Bonus Estimate
How many bags of cement required for setting 445 blocks?
Answer: Since a bag of cement, 4 wheelbarrow of sand can set at least 65 blocks, we’ll need 445/65 which gives us 7 bags of cement.

Conclusion; How Many Blocks will Build a 12 by 12 Room?

After the calculations above, we can now boldly say there will be need to provide 445 blocks for in order to build a 12 by 12 room and this would hold true anywhere you are in Nigeria or Ghana, so far as sandcrete blocks measuring 450mm will be used!

Guardian constructors is therefore hoping this satisfies your question and helps you out readers execute your project completely.

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