How to Calculate The Number Of Blocks Required For 2 Bedroom flat

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Here today, i would be teaching us how to Calculate or Estimate the Number of Blocks required for your 2 bedroom flat using the area method.


The area Method is usually easy and less stressful compared to other methods

For a quick calculation, having known the entire length to be 72,500mm As we calculated from The Plan shown Here
Take for a bungalow with total Height from foundation to roof to be 1,200mm +3000mm = 4200mm.
Then calculate the surface area which is 72,500 x 4,200 and convert to meters
72.5m x 4.2m = 304.5m2
Remove surface areas of windows and doors
For window, height is 1.2m and total is 11

What is the area of one window?

The Area of One window will be 1.2 x 1.2 =  1.44m2
Now what is the total area of all windows in the building?
Its quite simple, having known the area of 1 window as 1.44m2, we simply multiply 1.44m2 by the total number of windows in the building  which is 11.

therefore, we have 1.44 x 11 = 15.84m2 


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Now we also have 2 smaller (600mm x 600mm) windows in the kitchen and toilet whose 
Their areas would be 2(0.6 x 0.6) = 2(0.36) = 0.72
Now lets add 0.72m2 to the total area of windows
= 15.84 + 0.72 = 16.56m2
Lets also subtract for doors
For doors, height is 2.1m while width is 0.9m

so what is the total area of one door?

for the area of a standard 900mm door, we have 0.9 x 2.1 (The height)
i.e. 0.9 x 2.1 = 1.89m2

How many doors do we have in the building?

we have 8 doors, so we multiply the area by 8
Therefore the total area for doors in the bungalow would be 
1.89 x 8 = 15.12m2
Total area for doors and windows = 16.2m2 + 15.12m2 = 31.32m2
Deduct the total area of doors and windows from the total area of the building
304.5m2  – 31.32m2  = 273.18m2
Having known the total area of the building, lets now get the surface area of one block

What is the surface area of one block?

Length of a block is 0.45mm
Height of a Block is 0.225
Area Of Block = 0.225 x 0.45 = 0.10125m2
The blocks required calculated by this method is 273.18m2/0.10125 = 2,698 blocks
We Will Now Remove 16.1% of this for bonding space (16/100 = 0.16 x 2698 = 432)
2698 – 432 = 2266 Blocks
Note a difference of about 432 blocks from the other calculations
Of course you can’t get exactly the numbers you need but the first method is close to it. And calculations are not 100% true because of these factors: 
1-The mortar space was not considered 
2-Blocks that will be wasted due to breakages E.T.C
So now, I welcome you to ask any question based on what you’ve learned from the post above. 
You Can use the comment Box to drop your suggestions and criticisms.

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    • Can that 2 bedroom flat contain in such a small area of land? Well, if it is able to enter and the dimensions matches the one we have described here, then you can retain the same number of blocks

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