How to Make Water Available in a Small Construction site

For people in Nigeria, water in construction sites are usually made available after a lot of consideration and realization of the fact that nothing can work without it.

My name remains Nwachukwu Richard, a seasoned Site Engineer at Engild’s Nigeria Limited with Experience spanning more than half a decade and I can tell you for free that however you want to place it, water remains one of the basic necessities that must be present in a construction regardless of the scope, size and stage of construction.
Construction site In Nigeria
a typical Construction site in Nigeria
Do you know?
Even to drill a borehole on your construction site, water is required to push the auger bits down to the ground.
For small construction sites, water is even more important for various reasons like Mixing of concrete, cleaning, Testing Plumbing systems, etc..
Over the years, we’ve realized that new landlords often worry about how to make make water available for those on site and this piece of content is specifically written to help you sort this out once and for all.

Factors Affecting Availability of water on Small Construction site in Nigeria

It is the wish of every client we’ve come across over the years to have sufficient supply of water water but this can be hindered by factors such as;
Isolation: Isolation is one situation that’ll make it either too easy or too difficult to bring water to site.
In cases where a site is too isolated, eaten wells or purchase from commercial suppliers is highly recommend.
Season: During the dry season, it becomes very expensive to dig earthen wells.
 This discourages the thought of hiring people to dig wells on construction sites from which water is sourced.
As a result, site owners and engineers arrange for commercial sources instead.
Water Table: most clients desire to sink their own boreholes but this depends largely on the terrain.
There are cities where sinking of boreholes is not encouraged as it could be double expensive. In such a case, it is often economical to depend on commercial suppliers to make water available for use on site.
For instance, construction sites located within south-southern Nigerian states like Delta, Edo, Bayelsa enjoy the gift of nature since their water Table is very close to the surface.
Because of this sweet terrain, it becomes easy to sink boreholes. From experience, it takes some 40 feet below the ground to reach very clean water in some areas within Delta state.
Attitude of Neighbors: in areas that are built up, it is very easy to provide water on site especially if you have no boreholes on your own site.
But since you have nice neighbors, the best is to negotiate with them to allow you fetch water from their existing pumps.
Such arrangements might require you to provide a storage tank on site as well as providing extra funds for petrol.
This is very effective and saves cost and time as well.

Sources of Water for Small Construction sites in Nigeria

We’ll now highlight a few great sources of water for small construction sites in Nigeria.
But we’ll use small construction sites within Delta state (Nigeria) as a case Study with the hope that you can relate even if you’re not reading from the state.

1. Commercial Sources: It is normal to find small tankers laden with water conveying water sourced from streams, rivers, private boreholes to small construction sites especially those within Asaba, Agbor and its environs.

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supply water to construction site in Nigeria
Commercial Water Tank ready for the job


So if you’re looking for construction site water supply Nigeria, there are companies that provide this service. They can be found by asking around.


This is so because these locations don’t have much water. Water from this source is good for construction but might not be clean enough for consumption unless from a treated source.
2. Boreholes On site:  While this is the most recommended source of water for a construction site and the most popular among sites in the state, the water from this source is neat, portable and appropriate for construction work.
borehole driller in Nigeria
A team of Borehole drillers in Ghana
It is most economical since you only need a pump in some cases to pump the water. Some clients already have storage tanks on site, so needless to spend money on petrol and hiring pumping machines.
3. Ground Well: These are usually common in the coastal regions of Delta state.
Places like Ugbelli, Udu, Effurun, Okpe and several others have this ability to reach clean water after digging about 30 feet below the ground surface.
So from these wells, clean water can be bailed and used for construction purposes.
The other thing is, you might have to pay someone a daily fee to fetch as much water as would be required to work on site for that day.
Water from this source is usually neat and appropriate for construction work.
4. Neighbor’s Borehole: If you’re new in the area, not ready to sink a borehole just yet (Maybe for financial reasons).
If the area where you’re building your house is already built up the best option for you is to arrange with neighbors to allow you fetch water from their borehole.
buy geepee water tank in Nigeria
GeePee water Tank stationed near construction site to supply water
As discussed earlier, this might involve you arranging for storage tanks as well as some money to help the landlords pump as much water as you’ll need for your site works
Depending on the distance from your Site to the Neighbor’s borehole or pump, you might be required to buy some extra length of pipe to convey water directly to your site too.

Benefits of Having water on a construction Site.

The benefits needs not to be mentioned.
Having water on site saves cost, saves time and ensures your work is carried out properly without worrying about having enough water for site works.
It also means your work can be done neatly without much waste around.
Remember, when you sink Boreholes, they’re source of water for your tenants or occupants after construction.
Water is needed on the property to manage sewage properly.
So are you thinking of Sinking a borehole on site?
Are you having difficulty providing water for those on site?
Why not speak to your Site Engineer or a local as they can help you make better arrangements?
Remember to Hire Engild’s Nigeria Limited to handle your construction needs. Whether Architectural drawings, Cadastral Survey, Site supervision, Construction contract execution, etc, We handle it all at Engild’s Nigeria Limited

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