What Is The Best Mix Ratio For Bonding Sandcrete Blocks?

Having worked on several Construction sites in Nigeria, i think another challenger faced by most newbie foremen is what to call the best mix ratio to be used especially during bricklaying or do i say erection of walls. I have faced this also, specially when everything is highlighted in the specification, meaning you cannot just use anything from anywhere. For this reason, i am going to talk about the best mix ratio for bonding sancrete blocks

What Are Sandcrete Blocks?

I need to answer this cos i have come to realize there are a lot of audience on this platform, people from different parts of the world.
Sandcrete Blocks are usually made by Mixing Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) in a specific proportion with water and Sand.
While the Cement acts as a binder, exerting its powerful force helps the mixture of water and sand to solidify so as to form a firm and solid mass after the mixture has been properly compacted in a box or mold.

Below is the image of a 6 inch hollow sandcrete block for those that may not have seen it once before
image of hollow block
Figure 1: Showing a 6 inch Hollow Sandcrete Block


What Is The Best Mix Ratio For Bonding Sandcrete Blocks?

Assuming we have a site to work on, a few trips of sand and bags of cement, i would like us to have a shovel and head pan as well as wheelbarrow on site too cos these are the things we will be using to make an accurate measure
in order to achieve the best mix ratio for bonding sancrete blocks, we must follow below:

The Best Mix Ratio For Bonding Sandcrete Blocks is 1: 6

what this means is whenever you are required to mix a bag of cement for bonding sandcrete blocks, you need about 12 head pan of sand and some water to achieve a proper mix that will facilitate the bonding process of your blocks!

In case you have wheelbarrow on site, 3 Wheelbarrows are enough to mix a bag of cement for block work!

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I have just answered the question “what is the best mix ratio for setting blocks”

I Hope this met you well!

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