Septic Tank Filter Cleaning – All You Need To Know

In this post, we are going to learn about an important part of our septic tank system. this is often called an “Effluent filter” but from today, I want you to know it as a septic tank filter. This post is focused on septic tank filter cleaning which tries to highlight the importance of septic tank filters, why septic tank filter cleaning is important for you and the environment, etc. 

septic tank filter cleaning



We shall also be looking at the process of carrying out septic tank filter cleaning and in case you realized cleaning won’t do much help, you’ll learn about the average cost of replacing your septic tank filter.


What is Septic tank Filter Cleaning?


Septic tank filter cleaning is a process that helps you and I live in a safe environment devoid of septic smell, flooded leach field, etc.


It in most cases involves bringing out the septic tank filter which is often located at the outlet port of the tank, removing clogs or pieces of solid wastes around the flow area in order to allow the flow of wastewater freely into the leach field

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How to Clean Septic tank Filter


In order to carry out septic tank filter cleaning, it is important to know the exact location of the septic tank. 


This helps you know for sure where the inlet and outlet pipes are positioned.


The septic inlet pipes are often located close to your home since they receive the wastewater directly from your home.


The septic Outlet pipe is located on the Outlet baffle. It is on the opposite side of the inlet pipe.


Now, once you located the septic tank, proceed to the outlet baffle and remove the septic cover.


As soon as you remove the cover, you are going to find the septic tank filter right at the wall.


correct septic tank filter cleaning routine requires that you pull out the filter and remove every clog or solid wastes that may have been trapped on the filter.


These could include hair, oil, debris, etc. remove these, wash the filter and carefully place it where you got it out from

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Why is Septic tank filter cleaning Important?


Septic tank filter cleaning is important because it helps to ensure solid wastes are removed from wastewater before it gets pumped into the leach field or drain field. It is the only device in the septic tank that allows clean water or a more clear effluent to exit the tank.


Another importance of Septic tank cleaning is that it prevents premature damage to the drain field which I know saves you some extra cost of maintenance as a homeowner.


Pros and Cons of Septic tank Filter Cleaning



Septic tank filter cleaning is a process that is very easy

it is very cheap

does not require any special knowledge on your part as the homeowner



It could cause you to inhale some bad air. You may want to hire a septic cleaning service to clean it for you which might be expensive too.


What is the cost of Replacing a Septic tank Filter?

Just in case you realized your filter is ruptured, cannot be functional after cleaning, the next option might be replacing it with a new one.

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Replacing a Septic tank filter might be the best option if, during cleaning, you realized a new one is required to keep the system running properly.


Well, since this is going to be fixed on a septic tank for a home, you’ll need to buy a septic filter or effluent filter that matches what was formerly there as buying anything different would only mean more problems.


Cost of Replacement depends on the brand, size, and arrangement with the technician. But just in case you are buying this yourself, keep around 100 – 250$




Septic tank cleaning is a very effective way to preserve the environment at a minimal cost. The sweet thing is, you can carry out the operation yourself or get the septic cleaning company to do the filter cleaning for you. However, it is important to ensure the right one of bought to keep the septic system running effectively

cost of septic tank filter cleaning

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