Real Estate Investment: Where Can I Buy Genuine Plots Of Land In Lagos State Nigeria

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Today On building contractor secrets, i have come to tell you, yes you a Nigerian living in Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Asia something about investing in real estate in Nigeria and this time, i am going to base this on Lagos State as one of the metropolitan cities in Nigeria where real estate business is sure to flourish. Yes! This would be the most essential Tip You’ll need to buy a plot of land In Lagos state, Nigeria without being scammed.

This post is all about investing in real estate, Buying a plot of land in Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria and i would.

On This post i will be answering your most troubling questions as well as give you a few tips on how to buy a genuine plot of land in Lagos state, Nigeria even though you’re currently living abroad or outside Nigeria.

How Can i Buy a Piece Of Land In Nigeria Without Fear Of Scams?

For this question, i would like to make you understand that the best way to solve this is to move down to Nigeria and do yourself the honor to buy a plot of land in your city of interest. The reason why i said this is because for those living in Nigeria, buying a plot of land in Nigeria is quite a risk. If It is such a risk for someone living in Nigeria, then you living overseas is even in a much more risk since you currently may have no clue about where to find a genuine plot of land and certainly wouldn’t know a reliable real estate company to trust your millions with.

Based on the answer to the question above, i am going to leave you 2 options if you must have a plot of land in Lagos State, Nigeria.

1. Life is full of risks and its only those who’d decided to take this off their mind that are making it huge today. Knowing this, i would like to urge you to completely search yourself in order to know how ready you are to make such a huge investment and if you are qualified, feel free to make a trip down to Nigeria in order to allow you be able to fully assess the land you’re buying. Mind You also that buying a plot of land takes less than a day especially when you’re sure the seller is genuine and reliable. All You’ll need is make the necessary payments and have your documents signed. 

For those that would be using the services of a real estate company, i would also like you to understand that the terms of allocation varies with the real estate company involved. This is because some real estate Companies may not be able to allocate you a plot of land as soon as you make your payments since their policy may require that allocations be made in batches.

For some real estate Companies, it could take a total of 90 days. This 90 day period would allow you make a trip back to your base while assigning a relative to and collect your documents. In situations where relatives are too far from Lagos, You could decide to return when the documents are ready and get same for yourself. Aside from your relatives, You could also have a real estate consultant handle the collection of your documents especially if you do not want any of your family members involved in the process.

Doing this or taking this step, you would have taken part in the proper inspection of the plot of land you’re buying and made the payments yourself. This makes you feel relaxed wherever you are.

2. Now i know travelling down to Nigeria could be a bit expensive or your job may not afford you the time to travel down to do all i have stated in (1) above, in that case, all you’ll need is a Nigerian bank account from where you can make payment to any reliable real estate company in Lagos city.

A Real estate consultant would help you get a copy of the survey plan of the plot you’re buying, he or she may also help you get a video footage of the plot you’re buying. The video footage would enable you have a view of the exact condition of the land you’re buying especially as you’ll be able to know the condition of the terrain (Is it a hilly or flat land), Is it a swampy land, before you make your payment.

I also Know You may not have someone that would be bold enough to do these for you, but on this page i would recommend a very trusted contact In Lagos. She’s the MD/CEO of She’s no other than Karo Itoje

Karo Itoje is trusted and would be ready to do all you cannot do from your current location, she’s helped a lot of Nigerians abroad buy landed properties in Lagos and also help them make payments since she lives in Nigeria and is well acquainted with Lagos and its environs. Karo Itoje Is Your guide, your eye and your closest Ally as far as buying lands or real estate investment in Lagos is concerned.

Where Can I Buy Plots Of Land In Lagos?

If Your dream is to buy a genuine plot of land in Lagos state, Nigeria, for your real estate, Company or Agriculture, You can buy from any of these areas of Lagos.

If Your question is:
where can i buy plots of land in Ibeju Lekki,
where can i buy plots of land in Ajah Lekki
where can i buy plots of land in Ikorodu
where can i buy plots of land in Mowe Town, Lagos city,

Then you can use any of the links below with a full guarantee that you’ll get the best and most genuine of all.

The Areas mentioned above are currently the host spots for real estate development in Lagos as we speak and you can get genuine plots of land at a price you’ll never imagine.

Remember that Your aim is to buy or purchase a genuine plot of land in Lagos state, Nigeria without falling into the hands of fraudsters or being scammed. And By Following the tips on this page or contacting Karo Itoje, You’ll not only smile, you’ll have many thanks to give to the owner of this blog and you’ll also bless the day you found this blog.

Please do not forget to share with your friends too as this could help them locate, buy and develop a plot of land in Lagos state without falling for scams.

You Can also share via your facebook page or twitter in order to help others out there. Remember always be your brother’s keeper
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