Best Chinese Restaurant In Dubai

Today I’m all about the best Chinese Restaurant in Dubai, writing this cos its the best Chinese restaurant Around me and I can’t help but share so someone else gets a taste of what I had.
Last Winter, I took a Vacation and landed in Dubai. I loved Anything Hilton so I found myself in Hampton Hilton Hotel Located in Al Qusais.
Al Qusais is one of the cities connected by Dubai Metro and is currently a host to some of the best Restaurants you can find in Dubai.
From my Hampton Suite, I made a search for a place to eat Chinese Food, wasn’t just looking for some food, I needed something nice, something that doesn’t just have to be about prawns and nothing more.
Well, I took my phone, Google searched “Chinese Restaurants Around me” and I did this with my phone Location switched on.

From Google results, I caught China Wok Restaurant and to my surprise, it was just a few blocks away from me, I could walk down too!
I took a walk and landed at the restaurant.
One thing about Chinese Restaurants in Dubai is the way they’re so built to offer your eyes exactly what it needs, so the beauty of the Restaurant caught me, so k settled and hinted to the waiter as he brought the Menu for my Perusal.

One thing was certain, China Wok Restaurant wasn’t just a Chinese Restaurant, its an Indo- Chinese Restaurant and one of the best Indo-Chinese Restaurants in Dubai so I ordered Some Noodle and Chicken Lollipop!
Waited for some 3 minutes and Boom! My meal is served.
I honestly salivated as the Black African Waiter who I could swear weighs over 72 Kilos gently put the meal on my table.
So I dug in…
Its one of the best foods I ever had and I think my next Vacation Will see me going Dubai once again.
So if you’re looking for Chinese Restaurants in Dubai or a Chinese Restaurant near you and you’re currently in Dubai, feel free to search from google and since I’m certain China Wok Restaurant will pop up, feel free to walk in or place an order cos I learnt they deliver your food anywhere you are in Dubai.
Don’t worry, the Taste will leave you begging for more! Its a promise
Note: This is a blogpost I decided to make so as to help someone out there, I was never paid and will never be paid to promote a business.
That’s it on Best Chinese Restaurant In Dubai.
Feel free to share your experience below!
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