How To Determine The Amount Of Paint Required To Paint Your Room

Once again on Building contractor secrets we are dedicated to exposing you to the best practices in building construction and how to quantify materials needed to complete your home as at the time you need it. We do this in order to help you avoid been cheated by Craftsmen and contractors especially the unregistered engineers out there.
how much paint is required to paint a house in Nigeria
Today, we will be looking at How many Buckets Of Paint would be required for your home and to make this easy, i will be taking my time to explain this as easy as possible…
For this post, we are going to take a room as a case study.
Because i am a Nigerian, i love using things around my environment as a case study. Based on this, i am going to use a Nigerian Room as a case study…

What is the dimension of a room in Nigeria?

Well, for a standard Nigerian Room we have some measuring 3.6m By 3.6m You could also find  smaller rooms of 3.6m by 3.0m
For the sake of this tutorial, lets use the standard which is 3.6m by 3.6
Now assuming You have measured the room you intend to pain and found it having the same dimensions as that above, lets now get the surface area.

How to Calculate the Surface Area Of a Room.

Quickly Stretch a steel tape as you see on the picture below
Because the measurement is in feet, you can convert this to meter or any unit that you’re used to
Having measured the room, its now time to measure the dimension of windows and doors and subtract from the total surface area of the room
quickly look at the picture below
Please Note: Doors in Nigeria are usually 2.1m tall, 0.9m Wide
                   Windows In Nigeria are usually 1.2m, 1.2m wide.
You’ll have to determine this by measuring since i am not sure what dimension the windows in the house may be. Some windows may be larger than i have predicted above.
Now if you have calculated the total surface area of windows and doors, simply subtract the total from the entire surface area of the room
Having subtracted these, the remainder will be the value for the portion of the room to be painted.

How Do I Know The Amount Of Paints to Be Used?

Its simply…
If You’re Buying Bonalux, Kings Paint or whatever brand you’re using, there is always a label on the bucket. Look closely because the spread rate is always written on the label.
Lets assume they wrote 43. You’ll have to divide the value for the surface area to be painted by the value in the bucket of pain in order to know how many buckets you’re going to use for the building.
Now that is how to ascertain the amount/Number of Bucket of paints  that would be required to paint your room.
I hope you enjoyed it?
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