Price Of Trip Of Sand In Nigeria

This is going to be a very short post, but then I’m going to ensure it gives you the Information you’re looking for. This is a post about Price of trip of sand in Nigeria.
I’m writing on price of trip of sand in Nigeria in order to help those planning to build know exactly what to spend as far as buying of sand is concerned.
Do not forget I’ve written a good number of articles on material estimation from blocks to concrete.

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Price of Trip Of Sand In NIgeria

When buying or ordering a trip of sand, be sure to order the right volume for your work, else you spend twice or buy excessively.
I’ve written a good number of posts on how to calculate the amount or quantity of sand, cement and granite for concrete works as well.

What is the price for trip of sand in Nigeria?

1. The Price for 20 ton trip of sand in Nigeria is N42,000 (Very Silty sharp sand)
2. The price for 20 ton trip of sand in Nigeria is N40,000 (Averagely silty sharp sand)
3. The Price of 20 ton trip of sand in Nigeria is N30,000 (not so silty sand)
4. The price for 7 ton trip of sand in Nigeria is N25,000 (Plastering sand)
5. The price for 5 Ton Trip of sharp sand In Nigeria is N13,000
6. The price of 7 ton trip of sand in Nigeria is N25,000 (for sticky smooth sand )
Now that you’ve known the price of trip of sand in Nigeria, ensure you know the required type of sand before you place your order.
Knowing the right type of sand to buy will help you avoid mistakes as well as avoid being duped by those sand suppliers.
That’s it on the price of trip of sand in Nigeria is finally moving to our new domain so we encourage my readers to always look out for the best from the new blog

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  1. The price of sharp sand has increased generally in Lagos within the last few months, however we still guarantee you the best price

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    Our sand is free of impurities, the 20 tonnes is full, and it is very sharp

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