Tutorial: How To Calculate The Cost Of Installing Almaco Windows For 2 Bedroom Flat

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I know i have not been here for quite a long time now, its just that i am approaching my busy season, a time when i am always busy all round the week but today on Building contractor secrets, i would be talking to us on the cost of installing Almaco windows for a 2 bedroom Apartment.
This is important as it would enable you have an idea on the amount of money you may require to fix Almaco windows for your 2 bedroom apartment.

Almaco Windows have gradually over taken wooden windows especially in the urban areas of the countries. This is because they not only improves the aesthetics but also brings a kind of warmth to the room since there may be no room for air to sneak into the room during the cold times.

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Now for a start, lets see how many windows we expect to have in a 2 bedroom flat.

For a 2 bedroom apartment, the windows are assigned as follows:

1200 x 1200 = 4

2 Window for each room in the apartment

Living Room

1800 x 1200

This is usually the biggest of all windows in the house and is usually located in the largest part of the building like the living room in order to allow for proper ventilation with ease. for a 2 bedroom apartment, you may have just 1 large window with such a dimension especially in Bungalows and Duplexes.

The kitchen window is usually smaller than that of the living room. it may be a 900 by 1200mm for Bungalows, it could also be 900 by 600 for smaller buildings

Kitchen Window is usually 1


Bathroom window is usually 600 by 900 but could be smaller but i will make my estimate using the 600 by 900 size.

Now what would be the cost of Almaco Windows?

Here, i will give you the cost of Almaco windows with respect to their sizes as is applicable to a standard 2 bedroom apartment.
Window Location    Dimension      Quantity        Rate ()         Amount

Sitting Room           1800 x 1200          1               21,000            21,000
bedroom                  1200 x 1200          4               17,000            68,000
Dining Window      1200 x 1200           1              17,000            17,000
Kitchen Window     900  x 1200           1               8,000              8,000
Bathroom                600 x 900              1               6,000              6,000
Total Cost Of Preparing Windows                           =          120,000

What is the Cost Of Workmanship?

This is not really fixed, but the cost of workmanship to fix almaco windows for a 2 bedroom apartment would be N25,000.

So the total cost of installing Almaco Windows for your 2 bedroom apartment would be about ₦145,000. If you intend to have this done on other apartments, calculate with the dimensions and ensure the workmanship is prized for the entire job because if you decide to pay N25,000 for every 2 bedroom, you’ll spend more.

I know some contractors would be mad at me for exposing this but its for the good and benefit of us all.

The above estimate was obtained from Achi Aluminium And Steel Ventures , one of the youngest Almaco experts here in Warri Delta State.

Achi Aluminium And Steel Ventures has one of the most sophisticated equipment needed to give you a perfect almaco services in warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Achi Aluminium And Steel Ventures can be reached Via +2348109392207

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