How To Get Strong And Reliable Wooden Doors At A Reduced Cost

On this article I’m going to show you how to get strong and reliable Wooden doors at a Reduced cost. I learnt this the hard way, so I wouldn’t want to have my readers go through the same headache.

parts of a door
parts of a door labelled

How to Get Strong And Reliable Wooden Doors At A Reduced Cost

In order to get a strong and reliable door at a reduced cost, you must be ready to do things yourself.

So I’m going to make a list of actions I took to get this done myself.

Step 1: Measure and Note the Length and Width Of Every door Your buying

After tiling, I quickly took a measuring tape and approached all the doors in the building and whenever I got to any door, I stretched out the tape. Took the length of each door and record same on a sheet of paper.

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Funny thing is, I always named the door eg. Front door, first flat meaning the door measured is the front door for the first flat. Lol.
You know getting a strong and reliable wooden door at a reduced cost doesn’t come easy, so you must be ready to work right?
After measuring the length, I also measured the width and wrote same down on sane sheet of paper.
Now I did this for all the doors in the building and then the next step.

Step 2: Go Shopping For Doors With A Good Workman If You Have No Experience.

The 2nd step I took towards getting a strong and reliable wooden door at a reduced cost was calling my most reliable and trusted Workman(not really like I was not experienced, but cos I wanted to make sure I’m buying the best).

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He’s a carpenter I’ve used for several years, so I called on him to follow me somewhere.

He agreed to follow me, I picked the same sheet of paper on which I’d written down details of every door in the building and we went to the nearest wood market.
At the wood market, you’ll have door sellers begging you to come and buy from them. I agreed.
I and my workman went to one shop and seeing the kind of door at the shop wasn’t up to my taste, I quickly left the shop.
In order to get a strong and reliable wooden door at a reduced cost, you must be patient also.

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So welcome to the next step of the process

Step 3: Know The Strong Materials and Buy Doors Made With Same Materials. 

Your third step towards getting a string and reliable door at a reduced cost is knowing the strong materials (wood) used for door construction.
Here In Nigeria, we have Abura, Sapele, Obeche, Mahogany. Now the thing to note is… The stronger the wood, the higher the price but then, I approached a seller, a very old woman, a mother.
I gave her the recorded measurement of the doors I wanted, we bargained too.

Step 4: Bargain for the door you want. 

This is another important step towards getting a strong and reliable wooden door at a reduced cost.
Let me explain
Do you know the cost of a wooden door?
The cost of a wooden door like I explained in the paragraph above strongly depends on the material used to build it. A door built with Mahogany will be much more expensive than that built with Sapele wood.
I was told a door cost N12,000, but I ended up buying same door at N10000 and I got 30 doors since I had 5 Selcons in total.

Step 5 Agree On A Delivery Date

Reach an agreement on when you want your doors delivered to you and ensure you make regular visits to the shop to see how things are done.
Doing this ensures the material you prescribed is used as well as ensures no fault comes to your door.
Let me tell you something….
I was there to witness the finishing part of the door, I was there when the door was sprayed with the color of paint i wanted.

Importance of measuring Doors before buying

1. It helps to ensure the carpenter won’t do much cutting and patching while fixing your door
2. It ensures the right door is fixed at the right opening
3. Another importance of measuring your door is that after fixing the doors, you’ll be confident that the right door was fixed for the right room.
Conclusion: Getting a reliable and strong wooden door for your building is easy, all you’ve got to do is follow all I’ve explained on the few paragraphs above.
1. Price of doors may not be the same, it all depends on the door your buying as well as your location.
2. You may decide to buy doors made with weaker materials for Bathrooms to save cost

3. Getting a strong and reliable wooden door at a reduced cost is important but then, ensure you’re getting the best.

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