Top 10 Construction Companies in USA

bechtel group inc, san francisco

Looking for a good construction company in the United states of America? On this post, i am going to make it easy for you as an individual, Organization to be able to get to know about the 10 Globally Recognized Construction companies in the United States Of America.

The truth is that there are miriads of construction companies in the entire US, but i am going to list the 10 very best construction companies.

I will list them from the smallest to the largest of them.

1. Bovis Lend Lease New York City, NY

Bovis lend is a construction company with over 25 offices stretched across the globe with much focus on real estate. Bovis is considered one of the world’s leading major construction companies. They are also very excellent in Project management

2. J.A. Jones, Inc. Charlotte, NC.

J.A Jones is quite good in building services and acquisitions, in addition to real estate management and leasing and other related services.

3. Washington Group International, Inc. Boise, Idaho.

Based in Idaho, United States, Washington Group makes it to the 3rd position following a 2000 merger by Raytheon and Knudson. Washington Group is a company with much focus in large scale projects including Building Construction and Energy

4. Peter Kiewit Sons, Inc.

This is a company with services stretching far beyond construction. They engage in mining and have remained in business since 1884.

5. Haliburton, Houston, Texas

formation was during the early days of western Oil Rush. Haliburton is not surprisingly one of the world’s largest petroleum and energy service providers. Its one of the top companies with branches spreading across the globe.

6. The Turner Corporation

Turner Corporation is based in New York city, this is a company with high skilled personnel, they’re certainly going to give the best construction and other building services to their respective clients.

7. Centex Construction Group, Dallas TX.

For Clients with large scale public projects like hospitals, hotels, offices, sporting areas and industrial parks, Centex is your friend. Having won the most admired company in america award organized by Fortune Magazine, Centex is really the admiration of all as far as construction is concerned. It may also interest you to know that the construction of Texas Stadium, Boston City Hall were projects previously handled by Centex Construction Group

8. Skanska Incorporated, Greenwich, CT

Looking forward to creating an environmentally correct home and business environments, Skanska is your friend. The company is based in Northern Europe and recently had their expansion into southern America and Asia. Skanska has over 71,000 employees from around the world.

9. Fluor Corporation, Irvine, CA

This is one of the construction firms that is publicly owned as far as construction industry is concerned. Services offered by Fluor corporation ranges from construction, engineering procurement and maintenance of already existing systems or structures. Fluor is a company whose international reputation for safety is second to non. Spread across the continents are 25 Offices. It has over the years, survived competition from building design companies.

10. Bechtel Group Inc., San Francisco, CA

The largest of all is Bechtel Group. Based in San Francisco and recognized as world’s largest engineering and construction firms. Existence for Bechtel has been since the late parts of the 18th century and currently has over 50,000 employees working on close to a thousand projects around the globe.

Bechtel understakes projects regardless of the size and has developed six sigma. Sigma is a problem solving program designed to help the company in its engineering efforts.

Behold!!! The top 10 Construction Companies in the United States of America (US). Please share with others on social media as this would help them reach these companies for a better deal
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