Dubai Expo 2020: All The Details You’ll Need

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The world will gather to celebrate the warm hospitality of the United Arab Emirates during its greatest event “Dubai Expo 2020”. Dubai expo 2020 is an event that will bring the world together, open a lot of opportunities as well as earn more money for Dubai’s Tourism board. 

These are known facts but i will like to Write more about the benefits of Dubai Expo 2020 to the host nation and to the world at large!

What is Dubai Expo 2020?

Dubai expo 2020 is a Global event, the very first of its kind ever hosted in the middle East, Africa and south Asia region. According to credible Intel from Expo 2020 organisers webpage, the event would open Dubai’s most admired tourist attractions to the world as its estimated that over 25 million people from around the Globe will tour the United Arab Emirates

What is Dubai Expo 2020 Venue?

Dubai Expo 2020 is scheduled to hold in a site measuring 4.38 Square kilometers. The site is located within the southern district of Dubai and very Close to Al Maktoum’s International Airport. The Venue Dubai Expo 2020 is also located very close to Dubai International Airport (DXB), Abu Dhabi International Airport and Dubai and Abu Dhabi Cruise terminals.

The Most interesting part is that the site is rumored to have its own metro station capable of handling trips for over 36,000 passengers on hourly basis. Wow, i think its really going to be a great event

Is It Safe To Visit The UAE?

According to Information from FCO, Following the current tensions between the United States and Iran, several warnings have been issued and a lot of Britons are discouraged from Touring middle East’s most beautiful city – Dubai, but i must make it clear that even with these happenings, Dubai remains a safe city and always open to visitors regardless of where you come from.

Dubai Expo 2020 Benefits

Dubai Expo 2020 is a world class event hosted by United Arab Emirates, an event that promises a lot of positive potential for the young Arab Nation. Here are a few benefits the country and globe would benefit from the event.

1. Tourist Attraction – It is estimated that over 25 Million Tourists would visit the country during the event

2. Expo 2020 would further plant more infrastructure. This means more infrastructural el dorado for the country especially in the aspect of Real estate development. More hotels will be built, etc!

3. A Boost Of International Relations – As massive event as this always attracts investors from around the world, so will it open opportunities to many countries, Active trade channels will be built for Asia and Africa. This will hike the overall volumes for import and exports

4. Will There Be Dubai Expo 2020 Jobs? Of course! That’s one of the major benefits of such global events. As we speak, there is currently a great need for extra hands in all areas that would make the event a success. Job seekers can search and apply for several vacancies regardless of their origin using the Expo 2020 Jobs Dubai Jobs Link

How Much is Dubai Expo 2020 Ticket?

According to a recent updates, Expo2020 tickets are to sell for $98 and this covers weekly tours. A recent research also reveals visitors must be checked with a special tag once they arrive the Expo2020 Terminal of Dubai Metro

For further information regarding ticket sales, i encourage you to visit the official page of the Expo 2020 organizers as every information you’ll need to partake in Expo 2020 will be highlighted there!

Having said all these, i think the world awaits the long announced event. We are waiting for Dubai to show us how hospitable she is! May the gods of great events grants Dubai the necessary resources and technicality needed to achieve this great event – Expo 2020! 


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