What Is The Difference Between RC Slab And RB Slab?

I Bet you’ve read my previous post where i answered a very important question “What is the price of building materials in Nigeria” it is a very honest answer to whatever question you may be having about building materials in Nigeria (Not all building materials were listed except the most important ones)
Well, i stumbled upon the question ( What is the difference between Reinforced Concrete Slab and Reinforced Brick Slabs and i’ve come here to provide the answer to that in order to clear whatever doubts you may have.


What is Reinforced Concrete Slab?
An RC slab is Reinforced Cement slab used in buildings and in bridge construction. The reinforcement is steel bars, placed at a spacing as per design which depends on the load the slab is required to carry.
What is Reinforced Brick Slab?
An RB slab is also known as  Reinforced Brick slab and is used for roofs in buildings. 
On The average, an RB slab is cheaper than RC slabs. 
The reinforcement in RC slabs is usually steel bars, placed at a spacing as per design which depends on the load the slab is required to carry. 
The space between the bars is occupied by bricks placed on its edge, that is the depth of the slab is 4.5 in. The bars are placed between the bricks in both directions. The space between the bars is filled with a cement-sand mortar, with the minimum amount of water possible.
Since bricks are porous the slab has to be plastered with a cement-sand plaster with a water-proofing compound added on the upper surface. On the underside of the slab, it has to be plastered with a cement-sand plaster for better appearance. 
What is The Difference Between RC Slabs and RB slabs?
The difference between an RC and RB Slab is simple.
1. An RC Slab is known as Reinforced Concrete slab while RB Is for Reinforced Brick slab
2. In RC Slabs, reinforcement bars which are usually steel is used while in RB Slabs, bricks are used
3. RB slabs require plastering in order to have a better appearance but this may not be the case with RC Slabs
4. RB Slabs are usually cheaper compared to RC Slabs. This is because in RC Slabs, steels are used. steel is also heavy.
Well, this is the little i can say about the difference between and RB slab and an RC Slab.
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