Top 20 Road Construction Equipments Brilliantly Explained

Top 20 Road Construction Equipments

Today on i’m going to make a list of top 20 equipment used in road construction. I am making this post with the sole aim of bringing this knowledge to those that has no other means of having it other than the internet.

Before I list the top 20 equipments used in Road Construction, let’s first understand a few things.

What are Construction Plants?

In Civil engineering, I was thought and made to understand that construction plants is a term used to imply to all machinery, tools and equipment used needed for road construction

Classification of Road Construction Equipment

In order to fully understand construction equipments, tools and plants, its better to have a better knowledge of how they’re categorized.

For this reason, I’m going to categorize them into 2;

1. Category according to portability

2. Category according to uses

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Now let’s discuss these road construction equipment according to portability.

When talking about portability of construction equipment, we’re simply referring to how easy it is to move these equipments when being used.

Now in this category, we have portable tools/equipment, we have fixed tools/equipment, we also have the mobile tools/equipments.

1. Portable Tools Used In Road Construction

Portable tools used in road constructions are those that can be moved about by pulling, pushing or carrying by hand.

Example of portable tools include:

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Chipping spreader

Mechanical brush, etc.

2. Fixed Tools Used In Road Construction

In talking about top 20 equipments used in road construction, we must mention the fixed tools.

They’re such tools or equipment that are operated from a fixed position on site. Examples of fixed tools/machines/equipment includes cranes, asphalt plant, crusher plants, etc.

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3. Mobile tools Used In Road Construction

In Road Construction, we make use of mobile tools. They’re generally tools and equipment that can be moved from one place to the other under their own power. Examples of Mobile tools include graders, tippet, bulldozer, etc.

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Having seen the classification of road construction equipment according to mobility, anticipate another post on classification according to uses after which I will list the top 20 equipments used in road construction
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