6 High Paying Jobs For High School Diploma Holders In The US

high paying jobs that does not require a degree

For young ones, choosing a career is one big choice to make. This also means there is need to make a choice of a career that would afford you the opportunity to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

On This page, i am going to make a list of 5 highest paying jobs that only require high school diploma as educational qualification as this would help provide opportunities for young ones. 

1. Elevator Installers And Repairers

Accoroding to a report from  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) published in 2015, if you are trained as an elevator installer or repairer, you’ll receieve an annual pay up to $78,620.

The Job of The elevator Installer includes repair of elevators, maintaining it so that it is always serving the purpose for which it was installed.

2. Boilermakers

From a 2014 edition of the report, Guardianconstructions.com was made to understand that boilermakers also receive a good pay for their job.

Boilermakers in the United States annually earn up to $59,860 for their skill alone and you’ll only need a high school diploma to do this.

3. Construction and Building Inspectors

As the owner of Guardianconstructions.com, if i lived in the US and had my own construction company where i offer services such as examining to ensure building codes are strictly followed on specific construction sites, i could earn as much as $56,040 annually. But i am a Nigerian.

4. Electricians

Elecreicians are very important set of people in the society, their job includes installation and repair of electrical systems, lightning, controls and communication wiring. In a trained eletrician in the US Earns as high as $51,110 yearly and could earn more if he has other businesses.

5. Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters

Technicians in this category install piping system for waste, water, gas and vent lines in buildings, industries and seveal other places too large to mention.

As a plumber in the united states, your annual pay could amount to $50,660.

6. Sheet Metal Workers
Sheet metal workers earn upto $45,070 in the US. Their job includes fabrication and/or installation of metal products. examples of these products includes the HVAC Duct work.

Also from the same report, the median salaries of the jobs listed below also earn a good amounts that is enough to afford a good living.

7. Construction Laborer and Helper: $30,190
8. Roofers: $35,760
9. Painters, Construction, and Maintenance: $35,950
10. Flooring Installers and Tile and Marble Setters: $37,380
11. Insulation Workers: $37,790
12. Glaziers: $38,410
13. Hazardous Materials Removal Workers: $38,520
14. Masonry Workers: $38,720
15. Drywall and Ceiling Tile Installers and Tapers: $38,97

Remember, these jobs require just a high school diploma and nothing more.

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