Top 22 Construction Equipments And Their Uses

list examples of construction equipments and their uses

Today on, i will talking about construction equipment. I will make sure you understand the basic uses of most of the construction equipment you are likely to meet on a construction site.

But in order to do this, i think it’s important that we understand a few things about construction equipment.

For a start, i would like you to understand that another name for construction equipments is Heavy equipments according to wikipedia.

What are construction Equipments?

In its simplest form, a construction equipment is that which may be mobile, permanent or semi permanent, usually brough to a construction site for a heavy task. Such tasks may include earthmoving, lifting containers, lifting materials, precast units (Eg Precast beams and other structural members like metal trusses), drilling holes in earth or rock. Such equipments could also be used for concrete or paving applications.

Now lets see another topics that applies to construction equipments…

What Category Of Construction Equipment Do We Have?

Truth is that the construction industry is very broad and are the equipment. There are equipment used for large and small scale construction procedures. Others are used in building construction or by structural engineering, others are very useful in road construction as well as underwater construction.

Having that at the back of our mind, i am going to classify construction equipments into 4 different categories and these are:
a. Construction Vehicle
b. Construction Equipments
c. Earth Moving Equipments
d. Material Handling Equipmwnts

a.Construction Vehicles
These are vehicles used in mostly in the preparation of land especially at the starting stage of construction. They are also used after the preparation of land to bring materials to the site…

example, a dumper is used during earthworks to take away unwanted top soil from a road or building construction site. it is also used to transport asphalt to the site or laterite/sharp sand during filling.

List 4 Examples of Construction Vehicles..

1. Tippers: A tipper is a construction vehicle with a rear platform which can be raised in order to discharge any load it may be carrying. This is often used in building construction, mining and quarring operations.

2. Trailers
A trailer is another useful vehicle in construction. It is used to transport goods and materials to and from a construction site.

It also serves as a source of shade for construction workers and could be used for other recreational activities.

3. Dump Trucks..
Dump trucks are a little like tippers, they’re used to transport bulk materials. A Dumper usually has an ioen jump ahead with the driver seat. It is usually boxlike in shap and comprises of 4 gigantic wheels whose main duty is to enable the movement of the loads and the vehicle itself.

4. Tankers
The main function of tankers is to convey liquefied loads such as tar, water, gas, disel, kerosene and other liquid materials necessary for the operations on site to run smoothly.

b. Earth Moving Equipment

Examples of Earth Moving equipments includes
1. Loaders
4. Backhoe
5. Skid Loader
6. Bulldozers
7. Crawler loaders
8. Bulldozers
9. Scrapper
10. Wheel Loading Shovels

What is the use of construction Equipment?

The 10 earth moving construction equipmrnt listed in (b) above are used to lift or move earth during construction.

c. Material Handling Equipment

Examples of material Handling Equipment Includes:

1. Cranes
2. Conveyors
3. Hoists
4. Forklifts

What is the use of Material Handling equipment On A Construction Site?

The 4 material handling equipment listed above are used for the handling of materials on construction site, they are also used to lift heavy structural elements such as precast units and so many other functions.

d. Construction Equipment
Examples of Construction Equipments Include:

1. Concrete Mixers
2. Compactors
3. Asphalt pavers
4. Rollers
What are the use of construction Equipment On a site

These are used for construction purposes and are commonly found on building construction site except for paver and rollers which are common on road construction sites.

Now these are the construction equipments you are likely to encounter on a construction site.

You can add more on comment section and share with your friends as this may be of help to them in several ways
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