5 Portable Construction Machines

Construction Machines, sometimes known as heavy equipment, are heavy-duty vehicles built primarily to perform construction tasks. They serve a significant role in construction. Due to the purpose of these machines, they are usually enormous and occupy a lot of space.


Sometimes, people see them as bulky, heavy, and quite challenging to move from one place to another. Not just anyone can operate these machines; there are people trained to do so. Hence, some of the reasons the construction industry has begun looking for better alternatives.


These alternatives are known as portable construction machines, given that they can be easily moved and operated. In this article, I will show you the 5 most portable construction machines and the various construction works they are built for.


Boom Lift


Boom Lift is one of the 5 most portable construction machines. It is getting widely known and accepted in the construction industry. Well, thanks to the fact that the machine has a unique purpose even with its small size. So what does a boom lift do? Let’s find out.

Boom Lift Portable Construction Machines

A boom lift is a type of aerial platform used to carry workers from the ground to high elevation levels. Instead of making scaffolding to climb on, which is extremely dangerous, the workers can easily hop on the boom lift and get up without any climbing whatsoever. 


A boom lift is not so spacious but is large enough to take two or three workers in the same section. The wheels of the machine are in the form of a continuous band of treads; this makes it move quickly. However, the crane that lifts the bucket where the workers stand is operated by a hydraulic lift system.

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Mobile Scissor Lift


The Scissor lift is also one of the most popular construction machines there is today. Its name is given based on the method of lift system it adopts. The scissor lift works just like the boom lift since they are both used to lift construction workers to higher elevation levels.

However, the scissor lift is preferred when it involves working in a quieter environment, thanks to the fact that it does not make significant noise like the boom lift. The type of scissors lift that does this is known as the electric scissor lift. There is another type, known as the engine-powered scissor lift.


Unlike the electric scissor lift, the engine-powered one is used in rugged and noisy construction projects. The lift system used by scissor lifts is a system of jacks similar in appearance to a pair of scissors, hence its name.


Portable Compactor


If you are pretty conversant with construction, you might be aware that there are several types of compactors. However, the plate compactor is the most popular among all of these. The plate compactor is also one of the 5 most portable construction machines you can ever find. 

portable compactor - Construction machines
Portable Compactor

Let’s find out the significant features of these compactors and what role they perform in construction. A plate compactor features a vibrating base plate and has one unique purpose. Its job is to level uneven surfaces and also break down uneven debris in construction.

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There is also another type of compactor, known as the road rolling compactor. The road rolling compactors are also famous in construction and are used in road projects. The role of these compactors is to flatten the streets and prepare them for foundation or re-asphalting.


The road rolling compactor is also known as a drum roller and is usually operated by skilled personnel. Other types of compactors used in construction are hydraulic compactors, trash compactors, etc. 


Mobile Trencher


Of course, having such a unique name, it should also have a unique purpose. So what are trenchers used for? Well, the trencher is not an all-new construction machine and was just recently introduced to the industry. However, within such a short time, it has made a whole lot of impact on construction.

Portable Trencher for construction
A trencher.

The primary purpose of a trencher is to dig ditches, channels, or other long, narrow holes. These holes can also include those for things like underground cables, pipes, etc. It will take a whole lot of time and work if workers were to dig without the help of such machines. Thanks to the trencher, it becomes much easier.


The trencher is equipped with a heavy metal chain with a very strong steel. The purpose of this chain is to cut into the ground and make deep, large holes with just a little work. It will cut through small rocks, dirt, roots, etc.


Trenchers also come in different sizes depending on the purpose you wish to use them for. Some types of these trenchers are chain trenchers, wheel trenchers, etc. The wheel trenchers are used for small digging works, while the chain trenchers look like a giant saw and are used for heavy-duty digging.

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Skid Steer Loader


Unlike many other machines on this list built for specific purposes, the skid steer Loader is used for a wide range of construction works. The skid steer loader is powered by a small engine and is used on the construction site. It has an operating cabin featuring a simple mechanism that allows for the attachment of several tools.

Skid Steer Loader

The skid steer loader can host these tools and equipment and transport them to several parts of a construction site. It is also small enough to maneuver into tight areas of the site. Another function of this unique machine is transporting construction materials like sand, cement, etc., to different parts of the site.


Wrapping Up: 5 Portable Construction Machines


There is absolutely no reason to keep a construction site jampacked when there are better alternatives to keep it as accessible as possible. Now that you know the 5 most portable construction machines, you can easily find out which one is needed on a construction site and the purpose it will serve.


When purchasing these machines, I will also advise that you go for brands that are pretty popular. The brands that make the heavy-duty engines are already making these portable construction machines too. Find a brand you can trust, and it will be easy to make decisions.


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