5 Steps To Keeping Your Septic Tank Healthy

5 steps to keeping your septic tank healthy
As you know, I’ve written a few blogposts on cost estimates of septic tank which I guess provides a very good insight for my Nigerian readers. Today, I’m going to chip in something I know will be beneficial to everyone out there regardless of where you’re reading from. This is going to be about keeping your septic tank healthy.
Truth remains that maintenance is the only tree means by which your home and health is insured. Can’t imagine living in an environment where the septic tank is overflowing, throwing all the piece of shit within to the open. Yuck!!!
Now read these 5 important steps to keeping your septic tank healthy and tank me later.
Let’s consider some vital signs that shows your septic tank is ailing.
Signs That Denotes Unhealthy Septic Tank
1. Unpleasant smell around the house
2. Green grasses around the septic tank area
3. Slow Flushing toilet
4. Unusual sogginess and Puddle patches, etc.

Now if you’ve noticed any of the signs mentioned above, what you’re gonna have to do is walk up to a professional and request his or their services.
Aside from walking up to a professional, I’m going to highlight a list of 5 steps to keeping your septic tank healthy. Just follow me.
5 steps to keeping your septic tank healthy

1. Only Use Water when necessary: I listed this as one of the 5 steps to keeping your septic tank healthy, not because its the first of all steps buy because I believe its something YOU CAN CONTROL ON YOUR OWN. Aside from this, check your toilet regularly and make repairs on leaky faucets when detected
2. Ensure There is No Percolation on the Septic Tank Area: This is one reason why most people do hardcore flooring around the septic tank such that surface water doesn’t percolate to meet the content of the septic tank below the surface.

3. Routine Maintenance Always Necessary: Check the septic tank every 3rd year to ensure any potential trouble is detected and treated ASAP. It doesn’t really have to be 3 years, you could make it 2 years or yearly.
4. Empty The Content When Due: In Nigeria, those living in the southern part of the country experience something very unusual. Their septic tank usually gets filled up within a short time.
Now if you reside in this part of the country or an area where there is much water on the ground, ensure you always empty the content of the septic tank when its filled. 
Emptying the content ensures there is no spill at all.
A spill often takes the shit from the septic tank to the surface ground. Something that creates an eyesore.
5. Do Not Use Hazardous Chemicals On Toilet Sinks
You see paint thinners, sink cleaners. Antifreezers, motor oil and other strong chemicals? These are chemicals that shouldn’t be emptied into the septic tank. 
Doing so, you’ll be ruining the natural enzymatic treatment processes that replenishes the Bacterial actions that cleans the system naturally.
Well, that’s the 5 steps to keeping your septic tank healthy. I know there are a lot more other steps to be taken, but those will come later 
I hope you find this helpful.
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