7 Factors That Affects The Cost Of Building 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria

Hi everyone, i really appreciate your calls and emails asking for different stuffs from cost estimation to my opinion and suggestions, it really means this blog is reaching the right ones at the right time and for this reason, i want to make make a post on factors that may affect the cost of building a 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria.
I decided to make this post because i was recently working on a site when someone came complaining that the cost used to build his own house is far higher than what has been spent on the one i was working on.
cost of building 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria
Top view of 3 bedroom flat
Truth remains that When it comes to building construction, there are a lot of factors that may affect the cost of construction. For this factors alone, you’ll find a client wondering if he’s been scammed or something.
I am going to make a list of these factors here as well as explain just a few. After explaining these points, you’ll be opportune to list your own factors too.

Factors that Affects The Cost Of Building 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria.

Below are 6 factors that affect the cost of building 3 bedroom flat In Nigeria

1. Your Taste As The Client

Do you know your taste may increase the amount spent on building your 3 bedroom flat? Yes, it could and this is to the fact that for a simple structure, just the right materials are needed but then for a complex one, something extra has to be introduced. This “Extra something” could add some hundreds of thousands of Naira.
For instance: I can design a 3 bedroom flat with 5 inches blocks. Now the price of a 5 inch block is like N120. But then, somewhere may somehow want this same 3 bedroom flat to be designed with 6 or 9 inch blocks which are more expensive. 
Hope you get the picture i am trying to paint here?

2. Nature Of Site

Nature of the site also affects the cost requirements for a 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria. Let me use a normal land for instance
For a normal land (a flat land without swamps) DPC usually comes when the 4th course is reached right? But is that the same for a land located in a swampy terrain?
On a swampy soil, DPC Could be as high as 7 blocks high. This means you would have spent a lot of money buying blocks for the substructure before the actual building starts.
That’s extra cost for building your 3 bedroom flat isn’t that so?

3. Price Of Land

I just decided to add this because someone may want to ask for the total cost of the structure including the cost of buying the plot of land on which the building is built.
Now if you buy a plot of land in Victoria Island or Banana Island, you’ll agree the price for that land in Victoria island is over 10 times higher than the price of land in other cities.
So the price of land may also affect the cost of building a 3 bedroom flat especially if you’re living out side the country.

4. Expertise – Always Hire The Best Man

Who is your builder? Is he a seasoned Engineer or some quack? If he’s an experienced Engineer, he’s surely going to ensure you achieve more with little expenses.
This is the main reason why i always suggest an experienced engineer rather than some roadside quacks that are just after their supervision fee and nothing more.
If you contract a registered and experienced engineer, he ensures the right standard are ensured since he understands the consequences of cutting corners or using substandard materials in the building process of your 3 bedrooms’ Flat.
His fees will also be higher but moderate, his procedures will be such that ensures the right volume of materials are supplied thereby minimizing losses too.

5. Price Of Materials

Hope you understand that the price of materials fluctuates? Do you also know that your brother whose 3 bedroom flat was built over 4 3 years ago is not supposed to be using what he spent then to compare what is to be spent 3 years after?
Well, some 3 years ago, i bought a 50kg bag of Portland cement for N1,800 but today, same bag of cement goes as high as N2,700.

6. Location Of Site

In a simpler term, sites located in urban areas are usually more expensive since the cost of living in the cities is also high.
Casual workers are the source of labor that you cannot do without. But then, they reside in the urban areas, so they would charge based on the current cost of living in the city.
Therefore, if some bricklayer charged N55 per 5 inches block, you may expect something like N65 if you’re doing same brick work in the urban area.
Same goes for other aspect of the building process. This can only be different if you’re taking the same team of bricklayers from the Village to the city but then you’ll house and feed them too.
See? Just pay the urban workers and be free from the stress.
Having listed these 6 factors that affects the cost of building 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria, I Hope you now have some insight on this subject matter and would be willing to share with others as this could be the explanation they just need.
Please share with others as well
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