What Is The Difference Between Mortar, Cement, Concrete and Cement Paste

difference between cement and concrete and cement mortar

Today i want to answer one important question that has always occurred to me when i try to brainstorm on some new topics to write on my blog. Its a question that might be of great importance to you as a civil engineering student also. The question is “What is the difference between Concrete, Cement Paste and Mortar?”

In order to provide the answer, let me first of all explain what mortar, Concrete means.

What Is Concrete?

In a simple term, concrete is just comprised of a mixture of cement, water, sand and granite in a prescribed proportion or ratio.

define cement concrete

Concrete is usually heavier and of a great strength when it has been placed. Concrete is usually common with structural elements like Beams, Slabs and Columns.

Now lets see what mortar is all about. 

What Is Cement Mortar?

a picture of cement mortar
Cement mortar under mix

A Cement Mortar is usually a mixture of cement, sand and water in a prescribed proportion. It plays a very vital role in holding building materials together.
The function of water in a mortar is to help hydrate the cement thereby holding the mixture together.

Lets Also Read A few lines about Cement 

What is Cement?

Cement Before mix

Cement is many things to a civil engineer. It is a binder, just like flour in baking. The cement holds materials together by an act of binding which is usually activated when water is introduced into the system.

Now lets read a few lines about cement paste

What Is Cement Paste?

picture of cement paste

A cement Paste is usually a mixture of cement and water. Cement paste is composed of Portland cement and water which later hardens after hydration has taken place thereby forming a rock-like mass known as concrete If Granite and sand is brought introduced. 

What is the Difference between Mortar And Concrete?

The difference between mortar and concrete is simple. Stick close.
There is mortar in concrete, but then the granite or gravel incorporated during the making process of concrete makes concrete much stronger than mortar.
In terms of Use, Mortar is used to bind bricks (Softer element of the building), while Concrete is used for the stronger elements like Beams, Columns, Slabs, Abutments, etc.

Difference between Concrete and Cement Paste

As discussed above, a cement paste is formed when water is introduced into cement. There is no presence of stones in the system. However, I must cite here that there cannot be a concrete without the binding force of cement paste. This is because it is only the paste that binds the stones in the concrete together.

Well, i hope the answer here is able to explain the questions you may have regarding cement paste, Cement, Concrete and Mortar.

Will be looking forward to your criticisms and suggestions as these would help build a more credible platform for other researches, students and teachers out there.
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