Reinforcement Rods Used In Building Construction

On this post i will be writing on the various types of reinforcement rods usually referred to as Rebar Steel for building construction. I am making this post based on a question i got from one of my readers.

Well, before i am going to writ about types of reinforcement rods used for building construction, i would like to say a little about reinforcement rods!

What are Reinforcement Rods?

Reinforcement steels are also known as Rebar steel, Reinforcing bar or reinforcement steel.They are usually made of steel and takes part in every construction works around us today!

A Rebar steel steel may appear on foundation footing (depending on the design and strength of soil), must appear on columns, Beams and slabs (For storey buildings)

Now Whats are the various types Of Rebar Steel used in Building construction?

Types Of Rebar Steel Used In Building Construction

1. Mild Steel Bars

For building construction, Mild steel Bars are used for their high resistance to Tensile stress and forms a major component of Reinforced Cement Concrete Beams, slab or column.

A Mild steel is usually plain surfaced and round. They are smooth and can be easily bent.

You will find Mild steel bars are usually found when iron benders are about to tie rods for a construction work.

The diameters could be in the range of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc depending on the nature of work 

2. High Yield Reinforcement Steel Bars

High Yield Reinforcement steel bars are usually known for their rugged and patterned designs. During construction, they are usually placed Vertically and known as main bars while a mild steel is used as distribution bar!

High Yield Reinforcement bars are usually found in diameters such as 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, etc!

High Yield Reinforcement steel is one of the types of rod for building construction!

3. Structural Steel

These are usually for making structural steel shapes. Structural shapes are profiles formed with a specific cross section and must fall within a certain for Mechanical Properties and Chemical composition.

So these are the types of reinforcement bar used in building construction i can think of for now maybe with time, i will update after a little time!

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