What Is The Number Of Tiles Required For 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria

tiles for 3 bedroom flat in nigeria

Welcome to another exciting article on this blog, this time i would be talking about another important aspect of building that matters to you as a client and as a building contractor. In the past, i got a lot of phone calls, Whatsapp and text messages asking for an estimated cost of tiling a building. One of the people that contacted me said he’s been spending a lot of cash on his tiler who always keeps asking for more pocket of tiles. He’s obviously been cheating right? Well, i know there are several others out there being cheated on the issue of tiling and so i have come with this article on “What Is The Cost Of Tiling 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria”.

I know some would call to make threats because i am spoiling work for them, i am closing all avenues through which they cut corners and cheat innocent clients but hey! If you keep calling me to make threats, i keep writing more article to kick you off your game. Trust me, more people will discover this blog and become wiser than you could ever imagine.

So lets get down to business

What is the cost of Tiling 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria?

This is a very serious matter, but trust me, i will upload a plan for 3 bedroom flat, we will work it out together. Note: I will leave some secret untouched so that the dubious ones will remain stunned and frustrated. Lol…

Now in order to know the cost of tiling a 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria, i would like you to know that estimating usually depends on the dimensions of the apartment, and so anyone giving estimate without first measuring with his or her tape will only be speaking gibberish and would end up asking for more funds after a while. So if you pay closer attention, you’ll learn how this is done too.

Notable Points In This article

1. Size Of Tile used For This article is 400mm x 400mm PNT Tiles.
2. Dimensions are all in mm (Millimeter) but converted to m (meters) to make things easier.
3. Floor Tiles For Bathroom are separated because floor tiles are of different price and type so if you’re busying floor tiles for toilet, make sure you tell the supplier it is for toilet.

Now From the plan above, i was able to extract the following calculations and would be using same to calculate the number of packet of tiles you’ll need to buy if you’re tiling a 3 bedroom flat

How Many Packet Of Tiles Can Tile 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria?

In order to answer this question, lets first calculate the entire area of all tillable areas of the building.

1. Room 2 = 3600 x 3125 = 3.6 x 3.13 =………………………………………..11.27m2
2. Room 1 = 3600 x 3125 = 3.6 x 3.13 =………………………………………..11.27m2
3. Front Varandah = 600 x 4150 = 0.6 x 4.2 =…………………………………. 3.78m2
4. Sitting Room = 3.675 x 4150 = 3.7 x 4.2 =………………………………….15.54m2
5. Dining = 2150 x 2500 =…………………………………………………………..5.5m2
6. Kitchen = 2400 x 3350 =………………………………………………………….8.2m2
7. Back Varandah = 1200 x 2500 = 1.2 x 2.5 =——————————–3.0m2
8. Master Bedroom = 3500 x 5050 = 3.5 x 5.1 =—————————– 17.85m2
9. lobby = 825 x 2000 = 0.9 x 2 =———————————————- 1.8m2
10. Lobby – sitting room = 2225 x 3600 = 2.3 x 3.6 =————————- 8.28m2

WC 1 = 1400 X 2000 = 1.4 X 2 =————————————————-2.8m2
Master Bathroom = 1400 x 2800 = 1.4 x 2.8 =———————————-3.92m2

Now lets get the number of packet of packet of tiles required for the 3 bedroom flat

Now listen carefully.

In order to calculate the number of packet of tiles to be bought, you must know the area of 1 tile, the number of pieces on one carton, the total area of 1 carton of tile.

Note That There are 12 Tiles In one packet in a packet of 400mm x 400mm PNT Tiles.
How to Calculate the area of a Floor tile

You can also go further to know the area of one tile by simply multiplying 400 x 400 = 0.16m2

The Area Of One Packet Of Tiles

Now since the area of one tile is 0.16m2, there are 12 tiles in one packet

Therefore the total area in one packet of tile would be 12 x 0.16 = 1.92m2

Now in one Packet of tile, we have 1.92m2

Having known these points, let us now try to get the number of packet of tiles required for 3 bedroom flat.

Total Area Of Areas To Be Tiled = 86.49m2 for Normal Tiles,
while another 6.72m2 will be used for toilet floors

Now lets divide 86.49m2 by 1.92m2 which is the total area of all 12 tiles in a packet

Dividing, 86.49/1.92 = 45.04 Packet Of tiles, lets just say 50 packets because of breakages

Now For Toilet Tiles, we divide 6.72 by 1.92 = 3.5 or 4 packet of tiles.

Now in total, we will be having 50 + 4 = 54 packet of tiles for 3 bedroom flat.

All you now do is go to the market and get the price for all these tiles but then, ensure you buy the original type of tiles and ensure the driver carrying it home drives carefully to prevent breakage.

Well, on this post, i have been able to explain vividly how to calculate the number of packet of tiles required for a 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria, i hope this would somehow answer the question “What Is The Cost Of Tiling 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria” because knowing the number of packet of tiles required, all you’ll need is to take this number to the market and buy same number of packets.

How Much Does A Tiler Charge?

This depends on location. Some local tiler will charge something less than a tiler in the city. But then, there is a rate of N4500 per square meter.

This may be expensive though, so just bargain with the tiler and ensure he agrees to be paid for the whole work. Let it be a kind of contract between you and him

Other Things You’ll Need To Tile 3 Bedroom Flat

1. Trips Of Sand
2. Bags Of Cement
3. Water
4. You may need some clay soil to improve workability

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