What are the Recent Trends in Construction Technology?

use of drones in construction industry

Construction technology is constantly evolving, with innovations ranging from powerful GPS tracking systems, to new construction apps introduced to the market every day From cutting-edge building technologies to innovative construction methods and better decision-making systems, projects are getting smarter. And i assure you, its just a matter of time before the old trends are no more. But then, what are the Recent Trends in Construction Technology?

On this article, i am going to make mention of a few trends that are fast domineering in the field of construction. I said domineering cos they are gaining grounds as well as replacing old methods of doing things

1. 3D BIM modeling

What is 3D BIM modeling?

According to a Reviews by Autodesk, BIM Or Building information Modelling is an intelligent 3D model based process that provides Engineers, Architects and other construction professionals a bank of useful insight and tools which aids in the planning, design and management of buildings and infrastructure.

2. Pre-fabrication
Prefabricated construction is the practice of assembling a variety of components of a structure at a manufacturing site and transporting those sub-assemblies to the location of the construction jobsite.
Some of the benefits of prefabricated construction provide include:
1. Eco-friendliness
2. Safety
3. Low Cost

3. Virtual Reality In Construction
How Does Virtual Reality Affect Construction Industry?
Truth remains that Virtual reality has come to stay, it formerly had its stay in Gaming world but recently found its way around Oil and gas sectors and for sometime now, construction giants have found a way to tap into the numerous benefits of virtual Reality (VR)


Design and execution of construction projects usually takes a lot of time as Engineers need time and often experience work stoppage and budget extensions as a result of errors and mis-closure or mishaps that could occur on site or with the construction team but with Virtual reality, i can say it will be possible for Engineers to walk into their buildings and see all its corners even before the foundation gets designed.

VR Would allow for the recreation of Objects in 3D Environment using CAD and BIM. This means goodbye to pen and plain paper which were the traditions of the old
Adopting VR in construction Industry would also mean Cost Efficiency. This is due to the fact that all parties involved in a building process can spot potential problems or identify any changes at the initial stage
4. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
What are the Different Areas of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Construction?
Firstly, this is quite a new technology as you may not find its use in every project. It involves the use of Drones in construction and i can really say they are quite replacing humans as opined by most experts
Before now, construction crews would have 2 or 3 men crew to carryout some surveying tasks on site but then, as GPS surfaced, more men were dropped from the crews as just one man can capture several details with the aid of a single drone. This reduces man hours as well as saves cost
This has to do with using these drones to conduct safety inspections at large sites. safety inspection operations often costs a lot of money.
Drones are used to capture footage that  helps understand employee behavior on site also.
Another application of UAV in construction is the application of drones in Surveillance tasks. This alone reduces the amount of money spent hiring security personnel for construction sites.
Drones are also used to capture and keep a track of work progress. This makes reporting easier and more accurate unlike what we had in years past.
Use of Drones in Structural Element Inspection
For Larger projects such as bridges, skyscrapers, you would agree when i say that project inspection which in most cases is carried out for projects very close to water bodies can only be done better when a drone is in the air. This also includes inaccessible areas
Other Application Areas of UAV in construction
Use of drones in Estimation
Use of drones in maintenance work
Use of drones in Communication and Logistics on site

These are a few of the several trends in construction technology today, i promise to dedicate more time on these because the truth is, there are several things we do not know about Construction technology.

In our classrooms, we are made to feel like we know all already but my dears, we know nothing at all!
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