10 Most Advanced Tools For Tiling

When it comes to fixing tiles, it can be effortless and, at the same time, quite challenging. It all depends on how much expertise you have as a tiler and your experience and also the kind of tools you use for the job. If you have great expertise but lack the needed tools, it would be very hard to execute the project effectively. Based on these, we have decided to discuss a few most advanced tools for tiling.


Please understand that aside knowing the most advanced tools used for tiling, if all you have are the tools but not enough expertise or experience in the craft, you might just be wasting your time. Of course, you can’t call yourself a professional tiller if you don’t have expertise at the craft; unless you just want to try it at home.


The major problem most tilers have is that their tools are not good or standard enough. In some cases, people use tools that are already outdated. Such materials can make your work extremely slow and even look unprofessional.


If you want to have the best tiling experience, then you must have the best tools with you. In this article, I will show you the 10 most advanced tools for tiling. With these tools, you can now complete more beautiful and professional tiling projects in a faster time.


10 Most Advanced Tools for Tiling

In this section, we are going to consider a few advanced tools you might encounter on site as a tiler. These are tagged “Advanced” because it takes experience to use them effectively.


Manual Tile Cutters

Tile cutters are necessary in any project that involves tiling. You can choose to use a manual tile cutter or an electric one. The manual tile cutter is widely accepted because it is easy to use and lightweight. Instead of spending hours trying to cut the perfect shape for a tile, this will do it for you in seconds.

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most advanced tools for tiling

Manual tile cutters can be used with the only hand; this makes them very easy to use and increases the speed of usage. The tile cuts from this tool are usually clean and accurate, with no error. Also, the manual tile cutter will not affect the tile’s surface.


Electric Cutters

Electric cutters are usually faster and better than manual cutters if you understand the principles of its operation. The accuracy and precision of manual tile cutters cannot be compared with  that of the electric cutters. If you need to make delicate and professional cuts on tiles, I will recommend electric cutters.

electric tile cutter

Electric cutters are among the 10 most advanced tools for tiling. They work perfectly with various materials like porcelain tiles, ceramic, glazed stoneware, and other types of tiles. In addition, when it comes to quality and durability, you should always choose the electric cutter.


Diamond Blades

Although diamond blades are one of the most advanced tools for tiling, choosing the best one for your work might be a little challenging. The primary purpose of diamond blades is for wet or dry cutting of tiles. Diamond blades cut deeper and faster than manual and electric tile cutters.


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Diamond Drill Bits

There is more to tiling than just cutting tiles and putting them in place. Many times, you might have to do some extra things like drilling holes into the tiles for the passage of pipes and connections or as a drainer. Of course, you cannot use a tile cutter for this purpose. Hence, the need for a diamond drill bit.

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However, the artisan must have enough experience and expertise to drill holes using this tool. It required mathematical precision and skills. The diamond drill bits will help you drill through the tile without cracking or breaking it. Moreover, it would help if you had the talent.


Electric Mixer 

To achieve a perfect tiling project, every material must get its correct proportions. Too small or too much material will affect the quality of your work. An electric mixer is one of the 10 most advanced tools in tiling that can help you achieve a perfect composition of materials.

With the electric mixer, you can create a homogeneous mixture depending on your needs, giving a durable and fine finish. This tool can mix adhesives, paints, resins, cement, and other tiling materials.


Tile Trowels

Tile trowels are essential tools to tile artisans, just as they are important to bricklayers. A tile trowel is used to apply the mortar properly to ensure that the tiles stick well to the wall or floor. You can also use this tool to achieve a clean and professional result when tiling.


Rubber Grout Floats

For a perfect and more professional touch, rubber grout floats are essential. The process of using these tools is known as grouting, which is critical when it comes to tile finishing. Grouting ensures the surface of a tile looks even and finished while held tightly together.

A rubber grout float is a flexible rubber pad attached to a C-shaped handle. You have to hold the tool by its handle and use it to get the type of finish you want on your project.

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Tile Leveling System

The leveling system also works like the rubber grout floats by helping to improve the finished results of tile projects. This tool can prevent slippage after tiling while ensuring the tiles stick well to the walls or floors. After fixing a tile to a surface with adhesive, it might slip up while setting; the leveling system will help hold it in place till it sets completely. 


Tile Spacers 

Before the introduction of tile spacers in the craft, tile artisans used screws, rope, and nails to space tiles and ensured they did not come in contact with one another during tile installation. Trust me; this can be so stressful and time-consuming. With the introduction of tile spacers, it has become so much easier.

With tile spacers, you can create perfect gaps between tiles without fear of the tiles moving out of position. Tile spacers are also used when you want to make transitions into another tiling pattern. There are different types of tile spacers, but which one you use will depend on your needs.


Rubber Buckets

A lot of tiling professionals overlook rubber buckets because they think they are not necessary. Let me change the narrative for you by letting you know that rubber buckets are one of the most advanced tools for tiling. A tiling project can be easier and faster with these buckets.

Remember I mentioned rubber buckets and not just any kind of bucket? You can use a bucket to mix and transport mortar, but it cannot be easy to clean at times. However, if you are using a rubber bucket, cleaning becomes much easier compared to plastic buckets. 

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