15 Construction Truck Names And Uses

Construction trucks come in many different shapes and sizes. They are important for earthmoving, transporting materials, and keeping building projects on schedule. Each construction track has a specialized purpose and name to fit their job.

The names can be great conversation starters. These names are not only cool to look at, but they also provide useful information and are work-related, too. In the past you may have known a construction worker by his collar pin; today, he is identified by his ball cap or tee shirt.

15 Construction Truck Names And Uses

The following is a list of some construction vehicles and their uses. This list is not exhaustive but rather it’s meant to serve as a reference guide for you.

1. Bulldozers

construction equipment and their uses

They are the heavy equipment that is used to move dirt. They are mainly used to level uneven ground. However, they can also be used to push or pull other construction vehicles. The bulldozers usually have large blades in front of them.

2. Dump Trucks

dump truck

These trucks come in different sizes and carry loads like sand and gravel. Some dump trucks have an open bed, while others have a closed bed. There are also different kinds of dump trucks such as end dumps, side dumps, and bottom dumps. The dump trucks get their name from the way they drop their load from a hydraulic lift at the back of the truck.

3. Front End Loaders

As the name implies, these trucks have a large bucket in front which makes them great for loading things onto other trucks or into containers. This bucket can be removed as well to make it easier for loading and unloading tasks on uneven ground or steep slopes. The bucket can also be tilted forward so that dirt does not spill out when being moved from one place to another.

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4. Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders have a long arm at the back that can be used for digging and moving earth as well as at the front for scooping and loading materials into a truck.

These machines have a bucket at the back that is attached to a hydraulic clamp and can be used for digging trenches or lifting materials onto other vehicles.

5. Excavators

Excavators are also called diggers or shovels and they’re equipped with two arms, one fixed arm (boom), and one movable arm (stick).

The boom is attached to a cab which has controls that allow an operator to move it around easily to dig trenches or excavate holes over 6ft deep. Excavators can also be fitted with attachments

6. Crawler Excavator

A crawler excavator is a self-propelled digging machine that has tracks instead of wheels. This makes it possible to dig up dirt without moving the machine itself. Crawler excavators are used in many different applications including mining

7. Concrete Mixer Truck

These trucks have around spinning barrels on the back. The barrel contains concrete that is mixed as it’s being transported to keep it fresh. Concrete mixer trucks are used to transport fresh concrete from a concrete batch plant directly to the site where it will be poured.

8. Cement Mixer Truck

A cement mixer truck is similar to a concrete mixer truck. These trucks have a large cylinder in the back where cement is stored.

They also have rotating drums that mix the cement as it’s being transported so that it doesn’t dry out or harden prematurely. The difference between them is that cement doesn’t contain any aggregate material like gravel or sand

9. Harvester Trucks

This machine is used for harvesting crops like corn, wheat, soybeans, etc.. It has a rotating blade that cuts through the stalks of plants while collecting seeds at the same time so that they can be planted again next year!

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10. Conveyors Trucks

These machines move items from one place to another using belts or chains (sometimes both). They’re commonly seen at airports where luggage is transported from one terminal over another without any human assistance required!

11. Compactors/Rollers

Compactors are heavy vehicles that use a large rotating steel drum to crush rocks and compact dirt during road-building projects.

The roller is used to pack the dirt down more tightly when paving roads or laying concrete slabs. These vehicles come in several different sizes to fit various construction projects.

12. Water Tanker Truck

Water Tanker Truck is a vehicle that can be used to supply water. These trucks are typically used to supply water for fighting bush fires, as well as other uses such as dust suppression and crop irrigation.

The largest use of these trucks is in drought-stricken areas where there is not enough water available for normal firefighting purposes.

Water tankers are available in various sizes, from 2,000 gallons up to 5,000 gallons. As well as carrying water, they can also be used for carrying chemicals or other liquids.

13. Dredge Pump (used for dredging)

A dredge pump is used for dredging: the process of removal of material from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbors, and other water bodies. It is a common piece of equipment used by dredgers to pump sand, slurry, sewage, etc.

Dredge pumps can have a very wide range of shapes and sizes but their working principle remains the same: liquid is taken into the front part of the pump (the suction side), where it is accelerated and compressed by means of an impeller. The liquid then leaves the pump through the discharge port.

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14. Boom Lift (used for lifting heavy objects)

A boom lift is a type of aerial work platform that consists of a telescopic pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder with an attached platform (basket). The lift can be used to move personnel, equipment, and materials along a vertical plane.

These machines are widely used in the utility industry and other fields where workers need to reach above-ground structures. It is also referred to as a cherry picker or a basket crane.

15. Articulated Dump Truck

This construction truck is used for hauling rubble and other materials such as crushed stone, sand, gravel, and dirt from one location to another. It can be identified by its hinged joint situated between the cab and the trailer.

16. Asphalt Paver

It is the equipment responsible for laying down asphalt on a roadway, parking lot or driveway. This construction truck has a long metal plate that is attached to the dump truck.

aspalt paver

The plate is heated by propane burners to keep the asphalt hot and pliable. As the plate moves over the gravel or soil base, it pushes asphalt down onto it. The dump truck will periodically come back with more hot asphalt material as needed.


We hope this article has helped you pick out an appropriate truck for your construction company. We have or have heard of all of these trucks, and know them to be useful for their intended purpose. Combined with drop boxes and accessory equipment, these trucks are also some of the top heavy-duty work vans on the market. Thank you for reading our blog and good luck with your search!


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