Who Is A Building Contractor And What Is A Contract

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So today on Building contractor secrets I want to talk about Building Contractors. Who is a building contractor, what are his roles in a building project, what are his secrets?

1. Who Is A Building Contractor?

According to Business Directory, a contractor could be an individual, independent entity that agrees to furnish certain number or quantity of goods, materials, equipments, personnel and/ or service that meets or exceeds a stated requirement or specification at a mutually agreed upon price and within a specified period of time. 

A contractor does this at the agreement of the contractee, project owner or principal.

A building contractor is an individual with a technologically inclined tactics in the aspect of construction , it could be a firm or a company that undertakes the role of supplying or providing the needed materials needed to execute or enable the workforce (Craftsmen, Artisans, technologists) perform their duties onsite or render a service on a building.

2. Who is a contractee?

A contractee is simply the project owner, usually the client which could also be the government, an agency or a group of individuals.

The agreement between the Contractee and a contractor or a building contractor is called a CONTRACT.

A contract in this context is an agreement or arrangement between a contractor, client or contactee or the owner or the Principal to have the contractor undertake the supply of labour, materials and workforce needed to successfully execute a building project.

I will explain these in few lines.

A building contract if formal would contains the following documents. 

1. The Contract
The contract is simply a legal document usually agreed and signed by the contractor and the client

2. The Specification 
The specification is usually a listing of the different works to be carried out, items to be supplied and Installed by the builder or contractor and the manner in which certain work is to be undertaken.

3. Contract Drawings
Contract drawings include: Elevation drawings, Floor plans, approach view, assembly drawings, site layout drawings. They are graphical representation of the structure to be  constructed. It could represent a building, slabs, beams, column, foundation and the structure itself.

Now this is all you need to know about a building contract, building contractor and the contents of a building contract.

On my other post I will talk about the different types of a contract agreement you could have with a building contractor.

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