Tutorial: Fixing Procedures For Fixing Wall Tiles

Today On Building Contractor secrets, i want to talk a little on tiles and if possible, highlight the necessary steps/procedures you must follow in order to properly fix your wall tiles.

As you may know, tiles are usually used as wall finishes for both the internal and external parts of a building, mainly for residential buildings, corporate and sometimes industrial buildings and administrative blocks. 

Tiles are made of earthenware, pressed in steel dies, fired in kiln and glazed during the second firing stage.

Tiles have today, taken up the aspect of beautification as almost everyone wants to live on tiled homes. Some are so unwilling to rent a home if its not tiled.

Tiles are mostly used after plastering (Rendering). Bathrooms and kitchens to receive half wall tiling are such that the portion to be tiled are left un-plastered in order to make out space for the tiles. This enhances beauty as the tiles are properly fitted in to flush with the renderings.

As a tiler, you are to ensure that the surfaces on which tile are to be applied are free from loose materials. Tiling is usually done after the application of the plastering coat. This coat is however, left un-smoothened. Tiling is usually done with adhesives or binders like cement.

10 Fixing Procedures For Wall Tiles

On This section, you would understand the necessary procedures to follow when laying a wall tile. The Fixing Procedures for wall tiles are highlighted below:

1. Hack the wall properly in order to ensure a rough surface is achieved (If wall is already plastered)

2. Set-out work, starting from a corner, making sure that all odd pieces are placed at a corner, and at the base of the wall.

3. Bed a flat piece of lath to a perfect level at the base of the wall to receive the first course of tiles. This may not be necessary with finished floors.

4. Clean Down the wall. This is aimed at removing dust. Also spray water on it to enable cement stick on the wall during placing or laying of tiles

5. Soak the tiles in water.

6. Mix Your mortar. Use Ratio 1:3.

7. Butter the tiles evenly (Use the trowel to place mixed cement or mortar) and  press on it to the wall, tapping it slightly into Position.

8. Now after tapping the tiles to the wall, rub the joints flush with a piece of soft waste cloth.

9. Clean the tiles after setting and polish as a final Finishing

10. Wash Off Your Working tools

Now these are the 10 necessary steps/procedures you must follow in order to properly fix wall tiles. 

I hope you’ll find this useful as a beginner and a teacher.

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