What are the Roles of Machine learning in Construction Technology 

For a very long time now, humans have been trying their best to develop technologies that could copy and imitate the intelligence of man. In this case, the technology will serve as a suitable replacement if humans are not in charge or need to take a break. When compared with machines, the strength and working capability of humans are far behind. Roles of Machine learning in Construction Technology will be discussed on this page today, we hope you find it interesting.

Today, we have Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is a technology integrated into the working mechanism of machines to develop their intelligence. With this, the machine will act just as a human will do, according to the algorithm in which it has been programmed. Artificial Intelligence is really helping many industries achieve their goals faster and in more effective ways. 

An example of the industries that are now benefiting from Artificial Intelligence technology is the construction industry. For this aspect, AI is referred to as a more specific term known as Machine Learning. The applications of Machine learning in the construction industry are very wide compared to other subcomponents of Artificial Intelligence, like Deep Learning and BIM. 

So what exactly is Machine Learning? Machine Learning is described as a subset of Artificial Intelligence involving a range of unique algorithms that automatically learn, develop, and improve from the provision of data, even without the help of man or another explicit programming. In essence, Machine Learning will only make use of sets of data and interpret them just like humans will. 

With the aid of Machine Learning, machines can be able to learn from data and predict outcomes independently. This kind of technology does not require programming, as that is still dependent one way or the other. Rather, some sets of algorithms are incorporated into its development. These algorithms and software are responsible for analyzing data and using it to forecast. This independence applies to the whole structure of the machine. It can even let you know when it is due for maintenance, without you having to inspect it manually. 

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The functions and importance of Machine Learning in Construction are very wide. In fact, everyone involved in a construction project will benefit from Machine Learning one way or the other. It could be the engineers, supervisors, etc. Based on popular demand, I will reveal the roles of Machine Learning in Construction in this article. 

Importance of Machine Learning in Construction 

In this section, we are going to talk about a few Roles of Machine learning in Construction Technology!

Unique and Better Designs 

One of the many roles of Machine Learning in Construction Technology is to help improve designs. To an extent, the way machines process and interpret data is better than the way humans will do the same. With the help of Machine Learning, designs will be made better for the end-user. For example, a firm might decide to customize the design plan for its office space,

depending on the needs that must have been highlighted. Machine Language can help predict the frequency of use for each room and present a design that is apt for the needs of the people. 

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Improvement of Safety at Job sites 

There are many dangers associated with construction. Most of these are caused by factors that can not be identified easily by humans. The integration of Machine Learning will help curb this by helping to identify, assess and report any abnormality as soon as it is detected. You can also agree that this will help improve safety at construction sites to a more significant level. 

There are some Machine Learning platforms that make use of visual and audio forms of data to process and identify threats to safety on the construction site, by reporting them as they are detected. A perfect example of a Machine Learning platform that operates in this process is Smartvid.io. 

Assessment and Mitigation of Risks 

Due to the complex nature of construction projects, risk assessment could take a lot of time and results might even come out erroneous. Machine Learning can help tackle this problem and come up with more accurate and detailed assessment results. 

An Autodesk product called Construction IQ helps projects manage and mitigate risk on a daily basis and improve performance in real-time. The software has been exposed to millions of construction issues and observations, inspection data, building information models, change orders, and project outcomes, which helps understand the risks and gain actionable insights. 

Helps Boost productivity 

Productivity on your construction site can be taken to a whole new level when you use Machine Learning software. The Machine Learning program is built with software that can monitor and supervise daily operations on sites and ascertain the rate at which work is being done. Examples of these operations are brickwork, flooring, roofing electrification, plumbing, plastering, concrete casting, and so on. 

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An example of a Machine Learning program that can perform this function is Triax Technologies Inc. ML Software. So far, Triax Technologies Inc. has been helping project teams manage their workforce in real-time through their IoT-enabled Spot-R system. The system allows users to view the current location of workers right in their 3D models and 2D drawings. This data is then made available for machine learning algorithms to track productivity and suggest targeted improvements. 

Predictive and Preventative Maintenance of Equipment

There is so much equipment used on construction sites. It will take a lot of time to start examining them one after the other to check for faults. With the aid of Machine Learning, project managers and engineers can be alerted if there is any fluctuation in the vibration of equipment or temperature. 

When this happens, the engineers can go further to check for the cause of the fault in the equipment and fix it. With such systems, construction companies no longer need to send engineers to check the equipment physically for faults as it can now be maintained remotely. 

Conclusion: Roles of Machine learning in Construction Technology 

There are so many Machine Learning Platforms, including Smartvid.io, Triax Technologies.inc, Construction IQ, etc. There are different features peculiar to these platforms, however, they all act for the same purpose which is to make work easier and faster at the construction site.

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