Let’s Show You The Most Reliable Oraimo Bluetooth Earpiece Today

Are you searching for a Reliable Bluetooth Earpiece that offers good sound (Bass), good battery, won’t spoil easily? Have you heard people talk about Oraimo Bluetooth Earpiece but don’t know how to make the best choice?

Oraimo Bluetooth Earpiece

Are you interested in knowing the most reliable Oraimo Bluetooth Earpiece? 


Have you used another Bluetooth earpiece before now but never found the satisfaction you desire? I was always disappointed till I discovered Oraimo

Well, trying another product is not a bad idea. So today we will be recommending some of the most reliable Oraimo Bluetooth earpieces that will offer the satisfaction you desire!

Bluetooth earpiece is fast becoming a trend among music lover across the globe today. This can be mostly attributed to its portability and quality.

With a Bluetooth earpiece, you don’t have to worry about broken earpiece wires. It is also very suitable for the gym which is not the casé for the wired earpiece.

So let’s talk about the most reliable Oraimo Bluetooth earpiece today.

About Oraimo

I have met a lot of people who believe that the Oraimo brand started in Nigeria because of its popularity in the country. However, it started in Hong Kong in 2013.

The growth of this brand ever since it was launched cannot be ignored as they recently hit a milestone of 100million sales, reported by Vanguardngr. 


Their partnership with the legendary afrobeat singer 2baba also boosted the popularity of the brand in Nigeria.

Oraimo deals with smart accessories like earpieces and power banks. They have also penetrated in over 50 countries across the globe.

How good is Oraimo Bluetooth Earpiece? 

Now, do you doubt the quality of the Oraimo Bluetooth earpiece?

Don’t worry, in this section, we will see how good the Oraimo Bluetooth earpiece is based on what customers are saying about their products.

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Our team read through a lot of customers’ reviews on e-commerce stores like Jumia and Amazon as well on forums like Reddit, quora in other to know how good their products are.

So, judging from the result of the research, we rate Oraimo Bluetooth high in terms of battery life, sound quality, comfortability, design, and connectivity.

However, some people feel like it is not loud enough. Aside from that, it doesn’t have active noise canceling.

Best Place to Find the Reliable Oraimo Bluetooth Earpiece

Now that you know how good the Oriamo Bluetooth is, the question is where do you find them? You will discover that in this section.

So below are the places you can find the most reliable Oraimo Bluetooth earpiece;


I know you were expecting Jumia on this list already? Am I right? Yes, Jumia is an eCommerce website where you can get products of various categories.

It was established in May 2012 and has grown to become the leading e-commerce store in Nigeria like Amazon is leading in the world.

This platform is so trusted that some people get the majority of their gadgets there. 

Meanwhile, the main advantage of buying an Oraimo Bluetooth earpiece from Jumia is that you can get it to deliver to your doorstep.



If you are a big fan of buying products from online stores, then you probably must have heard about Konga.

Just like Jumia, you can order products of various categories on the platform including the Oraimo Bluetooth earpiece.

Konga has been known to have warehouses in various locations in Nigeria which include; Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Port Harcourt.

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Dealer Shop

Locating an accessories dealer shop around where you stay shouldn’t be challenging because all you need to do is ask your colleagues.

Another option is visiting a major market around you. You will definitely find one. 

However, ensure that the product you are buying from the shop is the original Oraimo Bluetooth earpiece.

Oraimo Shop

Buying your Bluetooth earpiece from the Oraimo shop is the most reliable place on this list.

Oraimo has shops in different locations in Nigeria but the easiest way to locate one around your location is by making use of google maps.

Also, if the shop is registered with ‘Google My Business’ you are going to get their contact address where you can call them on phone.

List of the Most Reliable Oraimo Bluetooth Earpiece

The list of the most reliable Oraimo Bluetooth Earpiece recommended here is rated high by customers. 

So check them out below;

Oraimo Elite Single Ear Bluetooth Earpiece With 300 Hours Standby – ₦ 6,800

Oraimo OEB-E34S Single Ear Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece – ₦ 5,800

Oraimo Elite Single Ear Bluetooth Earpiece With 300 Hours Standby – ₦ 7,000

Oraimo Single Ear Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece – N9,000

Oraimo OEB-E92D True Wireless IN-Ear Stereo Bass Earpiece – ₦ 13,500

Oraimo Single Ear Bluetooth Earpiece With 300 Hours Standby – ₦ 6,750

Oraimo Solid Single Ear Bluetooth Earpiece With 300 Hours Standby – ₦ 6,700

Oraimo Elite Single Ear Bluetooth Earpiece With 300 Hours Standby – N14,000

Oraimo FreePods-2 2Baba-version True Stereo Earbuds Wireless – N13,900

Oraimo Earbuds-2S Super Bass Wireless Stereo SOUND Earbuds – ₦ 15,990

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Oraimo FreePods-3 2Baba Edition BT 5.2 Wireless Stereo Earbuds – ₦ 16,500

Oraimo OEB-E98DN FreePods-2S Half In-Ear True Wireless Earbud – N20,000

Oraimo FreePods-2 2Baba-Version True Wireless Stereo Earbud – N14,500

Oraimo True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds- Freepods 2 – N13,990

Oraimo FreePods-2 2Baba-Version True Wireless Stereo Earbud-white – N12,900


Oraimo Conch In-Ear Wired Earphones With Mic – N2500

Oraimo H85D 2 In 1 Smart Headphone Premium Sound – Black – N17,450

Oraimo FreePods-2 2Baba-Version Wireless Stereo Bass Earbud-white – N15,990

Oraimo Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earphone OEB-E59D –Black – N8,900

Oraimo FreePod-2S Half In-Ear True Wireless Stereo Earbud – N20,999

Oraimo OEB-E94D True Wireless Stereo Freepods 2 (2 Baba Version) – N13,800

Oraimo AirBuds2S Super Bass True Wireless Stereo Earbuds–2021 LE – N15,900

Oraimo Feather-2C In-Ear Neckband Wireless Bluetooth – OEB-E60DN – N11,000

Oraimo Necklace 3 Lite Sweat Proof Neckband – N15,000 

Oraimo OEB-E55D Feather Bluetooth Headphones – N11,990


Conclusion: Most Reliable Oraimo Bluetooth Earpiece

At this point I believe you now know the most reliable Oraimo Bluetooth earpiece and also know the right place to find them.

All you need to do is to make your choice base on the design, color, and budget because all the recommended ones here are of good quality.

Meanwhile, we realized that there are a lot of people searching for the most reliable Oraimo Bluetooth earpiece, so share this article online for more reach.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below too.

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