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Dentists are perhaps a part of the the most awesome health professionals in every city. This is because when they’re not helping put our dental health in check, they’re ensuring whatever dental issues we may have are properly taken care of and based on these, we are very interested in making sure you contact the best dentists in Dubai for your dental care as long as you’re a resident of the emirate

There are myriads of dental care facilities in Dubai, but the truth is, a lot of people prefer putting their dental care in the hands of the best dentist and this is what you’re going to learn from this page today since we’re going to make a list of the best dentists in the city of Dubai.

Why you should always hire the best dentists in Dubai?

It is important to hire the best dentists or book a session from them when you find one and a few reasons why you should do this is because the best dentists ensure comprehensive dental care, handled your emergencies when they emerge, has the right experience to ensure you’re getting the best dental care.

Most important thing to look out for when Hiring One of the best Dentists in Dubai

If you’ve decided to hire a dentist in Dubai, please ensure you;

Visit his or her business website, checkout customer reviews since this is what’ll help you know how professional the dentist is (in most cases). We understand most businesses do buy positive reviews these days just to Bait the market and get good ranking, but keep on scrolling, a bad business can’t foot everyone.

This might not be necessary but try and ensure the dentist has affiliations with your insurance company as this will help reduce the amount you’re  charged per session or for the service.

How we Picked the best Dentists in Dubai

There are a lot of factors considered before compiling the list of Dubai’s best dentists and truth remains, we picked just 5 of these professionals based on;

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Customer Review: Continuously checking their website to compare the number of positive reviews, comments and average star rating.

Quick Tip: Always settle for Dentists with more than 4.2 star rating!

Years of Professional Experience: Our team of researchers always ensure a recommendation is first made based on years of experience of the dentist. We wouldn’t recommend a very new dentist since we might not be able to judge their capacity.

Personal Experience: As a resident of the Emirates, I could practically list over 34 good dentists without consulting a guide or whatever but these are dentists whose services I’ve used for my over 18 years of experience as a resident of the emirate.

Best Dentists in Dubai

In this session, we’re finally going to make a list of best dentists in Dubai but before this, I’d like to make It clear that this list was never made with sentiments, and also, we’re really not saying these are the best dentists in the whole city, it’s just a few of the very best around based on our personal experience, Ranking factors, etc.


 # Dr Joy Dental Clinic

Perhaps one of the most prominent dentists in Dubai. Dr Joy Dental Clinic is spread across the Emirate and ready to care for your needs without wasting time. The dental clinic has several years of experience, thousands of positive reviews from previous customers and just like we recommend, the average star rating for Dr Joy Dental Clinic is 4.7 which I know means their services is quite an excellent one.
Dr Joy Dental Clinic can be located across Dubai’s major cities like Jumeirah, Mirdif,  Burjuman, Palm Jumeirah, etc. I’m very particular about Dr Joy’s Dental facility in Jumeirah because I’ve visited here before and the service was apt, excellent customer service, a very polite customer service officer and what’s more? The serenity of the environment would make you forget you’re actually got a dental problem.
This is our best and most recommended Dentist in The city of Dubai.
Booking Dr Joy’s Dental Clinic is easy, just pick up your mobile and dial *97143285332 if you’re reside in Jumeirah city of Dubai.

#Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic

This is yet another wonderful dental facility in Dubai with a list of unending professional dental services such as  Adjustment, Deep Cleaning and Polishing, Extraction Root canal Treatment and tooth Whitening.
Rated 4.6, Hollywood smile dental Clinic has several years of experience in The profession and has served several happy customers.
Another thing that makes Hollywood smile dental clinic appear on our list is the fact that price is flexible.
Need a session? Quickly dial +97143510102 to make your inquiries and possibly book a session.

#The Dome MedDental Clinic

If you’re out to have your Tooth braces done,  The Dome MedDental Clinic is your best shot. Aside braces, the dental clinic also offers a good number of other services including full mouth reconstruction (local and General Anesthesia) Dental implants, Invisalign, etc.
With several years of experience in Dental care, The Dome MedDental Clinic has served thousands of happy customers and their service charge is flexible as well. The Dome MedDental clinic is located in Jumeirah Lake Towers and could be reached via +97143999772.
Remember we’re still on the hunt for the best dentists in Dubai and we’re focused on only the best dental clinics or dentists with quality services for you, so let’s see a few others on the list below

#Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic

You’re probably searching for a dental Clinic within the Umm Suqeim area of Dubai. If this is true, then search no more cos right here is Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic. This is one of the best dentists you could trust your dental care needs with in the city of Dubai and yes, you’re certainly getting that issue fixed cos Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic has served several happy customers and yours won’t be an exception.
Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic is a Dental facility with a lot of specialists spread across major cities around the globe. This means you’re really in safe hands and got no reason to panic.
Rated 4.9, Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic offers wonderful dental services including Teeth whitening, Prosthodontics, root canal treatment, pediatric dentistry, extraction as well as gum treatment. Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic also handles emergency dental services and would be really glad to serve you whenever you’re ready.
To contact Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic, quickly dial +97143949433 if you’re in Umm Suqeim area and +97143495900 of you’re in Jumeirah area of the city.
Because we’re hunting for 5 best dentists in Dubai, let’s see the last in our list of these highly professional dentists UAE’s most popular city

#Crossroads Dental Clinic

The list of best dentists in Dubai won’t be completed without Crossroads Dental Clinic on it. This is because when you’re looking for the best of the best dentists in Dubai, Crossroads Dental Clinic always appears first.
Crossroads Dental Clinic is located in Deira Area of the city and offers a lot of services including Invisalign, dental filling, Bone grafting, tooth whitening, Scaling and Polishing, etc.
Crossroads Dental Clinic is one Dubai dental care facility that has served thousands of happy customers and currently prides with a 4.9 star rating.
To contact Crossroads Dental Clinic, quickly dial their hotline on +97142949757 as I’m sure you’ll be thrilled by the level professionalism by the team of dentists working here

Conclusion: Best Dentists in Dubai

One thing that helps you locate the best dentist or best dental clinic in Dubai is Knowing the service you want and the level of experience that can handle this perfectly. On the list 5 best dentists in Dubai above, we’ve made mention of Dubai’s best in terms of years of service, customer rating and personal experience. I’m sure You’ve got it all done for you. Please do share with others too


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