Best Pediatric Dentists in Stowmarket

Stowmarket is known to be one of the busiest areas in England. It is a Market town in Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. This region is more of a commercial area than a residential area. Stowmarket is also quite the developed type of city and we are considering the 


There are so many establishments around Stowmarket, and many of them are known to be doing well. They include hospitals, dental clinics, etc. In short, medical centers thrive better in Stowmarket and are good at what they do.


If you are searching for the best dental clinics and pediatric dentists in Stowmarket, I have compiled a list for you. You don’t need to trust the health of your kids with incompetent dentists anymore. The pediatric dentists you will find on this list are very professional and only deliver the best services. 


Parkview Dental Center


Address: 49 Fonnereau Rd, Ipswich IP1 3JN, United Kingdom


Parkview Dental Center is a family dentist located in Ipswich, Suffolk. The establishment is one of the oldest in the area and has been well known for delivering excellent dental care since 1933.


Parkview Dental Center features state-of-the-art premises and offers a variety of general and cosmetic dental treatments. Of course, it is also a pediatric dentist setting and is one of the best for your kid. 


At Parkview Dental Center, there is a reception desk to accommodate all patients and those who visit for consultancy. The facility allows patients to book services ahead of time. However, if you are booking ahead, you must deposit at least 50% of your fee.


The Dental Clinic offers different services, including;

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Private Dentist Treatment 
  • Invisalign Clear Braces
  • Specialist Dental Services 
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Happy Kids Dental Marylebone 


Address: 74 Seymour Pl, London W1H 2EH, United Kingdom


Happy Kids Dental is another of the prestigious pediatric dental centers in Stowmarket. It is a multi-award-winning children’s dentist having two different centers in Central London. The first is at Marylebone, and the other is at Chelsea. For this article, I will focus on the one at Marylebone.


Happy Kids Dental is a group of dentists who have come together to deliver and provide the best dental care for infants, children, and teenagers. If you have a kid who falls within this age group, Happy Kids Dental Marylebone might be a great place to take care of their dental health.


The establishment is more than dental practice and offers a whole experience of good health. There are fun and immersive waiting spots which have been created to entertain kids ahead of their session. All treatment rooms at Happy Kids are equipped with the latest generation of dental technology, so your kid gets the best treatment.


The facility is operated by a team of world-class and experienced dentists and orthodontists who have the tools and resources in place to ensure your child is comfortable and completely at ease during their dental session.


Toothbeary – Children’s Dentist


Address: 358A Richmond Rd, East Twickenham, Twickenham TW1 2DU, United Kingdom


Toothbeary is also an award-winning children’s dentist located in the residential area of Stowmarket. The facility was designed to provide dental treatment to youngsters of all ages (infants, children, and teenagers) in a fun and welcoming ambiance.


They offer a classy reception for kids in a colorful environment with child-friendly benches and a playground. Toothbeary is made of an experienced team of 5-star rated dentists with a fantastic variety of dental treatment options.

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Toothbeary has quite a range of pediatric treatment options, including helping nervous children, fillings, mouth guards, orthodontics, emergencies, root canal, brushing, flossing, scaling and polishing, crowns, restorations, and preventative measures, to mention a few.


Some of the many pediatric services offered at Toothbeary include;

  • Conscious sedation
  • Crowns
  • Emergency dental
  • Endodontics
  • Extractions
  • Fissure Sealants 
  • Mouthguards
  • Myofunctional treatment
  • Pediatric Prosthetics
  • Restorations
  • Space Maintainers
  • White Fillings


Billericay Dental Center


Address: Crown Yard, High St, Billericay CM12 9BX, United Kingdom


Billericay Dental Center is a leading cosmetic, general, and pediatric dentist based in different locations, including Billericay, Brentwood, Wickford, and Basildon. The lead dentist who is Sheena Tanna, has a team well known for transforming smiles in kids and adults for over two decades.


The facility is highly rated on Google and Facebook by patients who have visited at least once; this should be enough proof that the dentists are pretty good at what they do. They offer knowledgeable and high-quality dentistry for people around Stowmarket.


Billericay Dental Center uses the latest digital technology to ensure the best and most favorable results. At Billericay, you can be sure that you and your kid will get the best mouth and teeth treatment at the most affordable cost. There is also a dental emergency for cases of extreme dental pain and swelling in both children and adults.


Services include Smile design (Mini Smile Makeover), Teeth Straightening (Invisalign), Teeth Whitening (Enlighten, Regional center), Root Canal Treatment (Advanced Skilled dentist), Dental Implant (Osstem), etc.

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Cambridge Dental 


Address: 39 Newnham Rd, Cambridge CB3 9EY, United Kingdom


Cambridge Dental consists of a team of dentists who are skilled and experienced in delivering commendable dental treatment to children and adults. They have the latest generation of dental technology to aid medicine and surgery and also provide a unique dental treatment at the patient’s utmost convenience. Cambridge Dental is no doubt one of the Pediatric Dentists in Stowmarket to save your lad from that dental issue.


Cambridge Dental focuses on the fact that your child’s mouth needs to be healthy at all times. They will take care of your smile as well as that of your kids. The dental center has a team of hygienists and specialist dentists who will use a combined approach to develop a healthy oral care program for you and your family.


Conclusion: Best Pediatric Dentists in StowMarket


Children need special treatment when it comes to dental health. Although it is okay to take your kids to adult dental centers, they might not have the necessary resources to cater to children of such age groups. This is why you need Pediatric Dentists in Stowmarket to sort this one out today!


That is why pediatric dental centers have been put in place to cater to children’s dental needs at a very affordable cost. If you reside in Stowmarket and you are searching for the best pediatric dentist around for your kids, the list above will be of great help to you.

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