Migration: Nigerian Student Exchange Program

Nigerian Student Express is a new pilot program by the Canadian Government for Nigerians and legal residents of Nigeria. As a result of this program, they can benefit from a very quick Canadian Study Permit processing time of 20 calendar days instead of the usual 8 weeks. There are certain requirements to be eligible to apply for this program

nigerian student exchange program

Requirements for Nigeria Student Express (NSE) Stream


The Nigeria Student Express (NSE) for Canadian study permit specifically designed for Nigerians has recently been launched by IRCC with the processing duration of “20 days” against regular processing time. For the Proof of English Language Proficiency Test, you may decide to opt for either the General or Academic IELTS.



The new study permit application stream is similar with the Student Direct Stream (SDS) for selected countries like India, Senegal, China, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam but with a tweak in the application requirements against the NSE. The advantage is the fast visa processing. At least, based on current observation of writing this post.

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The eligible Nigerian applicants intending to apply through the Nigerian Student Express Stream must meet the following requirements:


1. Apply online: If you meet the eligibility requirements, quickly apply through Canadian Immigration Portal


2. Be a Nigerian citizen or legally reside in Nigeria


3. Have a valid admission letter from a Designated Learning Institution in Canada for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D or PGD/C programs


4. Must not reside outside the country (Nigerian) when applying


5. Must submit a “MyBankStatement No. & Ticket Password” of $30,000 CAD of at least 6 months with a 12 months banking history


6. Have a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) – Only applicable to students going to Quebec

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7. Undergo an upfront medical examination


8. Have a score of at least 6 in each band of Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking or at least CLB 7 in Test d’evaluation de Francais (TEF) in each band.


N.B: you can either decide to opt for the Regular processing method or the NSE, whichever is your preference.


What Do I Need to Do In Order to Get Approved After 20 Days?

In order to get your visa approved, applicants must Present proves of strong ties in Nigeria (Family, Employment, Assets, etc)


You must also have sufficient funds in your account and ensure your Statement of Purpose is well written to be able to speak for you when you are not there.

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You may want to avoid using just any travel Agents as some of these agents are not well informed in these matters. Some travel agents actually feels Getting Canadian Visa is all about showing funds in your bank account.


Some Travel Agents actually cares about the money you pay for the wrong services they render to you and for this reason, i always urge every applicant to try and research these things on their own.


Do not forget, the Visa Officer is on the lookout for reasons to reject your application, so you want to make sure every document is well prepared, the Statement of Purpose is convincingly written as well.


I wish you all the best Dearies

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