How to Exchange Bitcoin to Naira

So you’ve earned a lot of Bitcoin from a legitimate online program, mining and since you’re a Nigerian and Bitcoin generated currently sits on your blockchain/Binance wallet and you’d love to have this fund exchanged to a spendable Naira! You’re just on the right page cos after a few minutes or thereabouts, you’re going to understand how best to exchange Bitcoin to Naira.

how to exchange bitcoin to Naira

Bitcoin is a cryptographic currency that has come to stay. It was developed back in year 2009 by a group of individuals who with the name Satoshi Nakamoto.
Exchanging Bitcoin to your local currency isn’t hard, what might be hard is getting a very reliable and legit platform to exchange this digital currency which is quite untraceable.
There are a lot of Bitcoin exchange platforms in Nigeria. Platforms like Binance, Kucoin, Okex and Finally the Roqu which was launched early last year.
One thing you need to understand is that these platforms allows you create a profile, add your local bank details which is where Naira Equivalent of whatever you exchange as Bitcoin would be paid into. However, I’m not looking at these platforms because no matter how reliable they’ve been or the reputation they’ve built, a single mistake could lead to a colossal loss on your part. I’m interested in showing you how to Exchange your Bitcoin to Naira in Nigeria without using any of these platforms.

How to Exchange Bitcoin to Naira in Nigeria

The easiest way to exchange your Bitcoin to Naira in Nigeria is to find an exchanger or an agent around your locality. Someone who is reliable someone that could never run away with your funds and here today, I’m going to unveil this individuals to you.
C-R Exchange
C-R Exchange is a Peer to Peer Bitcoin exchanger whose services has helped a lot of Nigerians Exchange their Bitcoin to Naira.
Owned and managed by Nigeria’s most reliable Youth ever lived, Nwachukwu Richard, you’re certainly just a few clicks away from changing your Bitcoin to Naira.

How to Exchange your Bitcoin to Naira with C-R Exchange.

It’s simple. C-R Exchange has no official platform where you register to exchange your Bitcoin. He operates on WhatsApp only.
To exchange your Bitcoin, all you have to do is initiate a chat via WhatsApp +2347035528329.
Know the rate at which he will buy your coin and when you’ve reached an agreement, he’s going to send you a blockchain wallet to send your Bitcoin.
After sending your Bitcoin, ensure to drop your bank account as well.
Once your Bitcoin is sent and he confirms it, Richard Nwachukwu of C-R Exchange will send your Naira Equivalent to your bank account.
And that’s the best way to exchange Bitcoin to Naira in Nigeria.

Why is C-R Exchange your best option?

Payout is fast
Doesn’t need 3 confirmations to pay you
He’s a highly respected, verified internet marketer and has continued to serve humanity through this platform
He’s never scammed anyone in the past

How to Exchange your Bitcoin to Naira in Nigeria with Roqqu is yet another wonderful platform to exchange your Bitcoin to Naira. Personally I’ve used Roqqu severally and currently have an account with them.
Truth is, when I first used Roqqu, their platform was still a bit messy. I was able to get the coins I paid for, but wasn’t able to send to my wallet since I never wanted to have my Bitcoin stashed in their platform for personal reasons.
However, after a few days, they fixed their issues and has since then been helping Nigerians Exchange their Bitcoin to Naira. However, you must be careful and ensure your transaction is carried on on the platform because recently, Roqqu released a newsletter asking users to be careful of unscrupulous elements parading themselves as Roqqu agents.

Places You should never Exchange your Coin

If you want to exchange your Bitcoin to Naira but never want to get scammed, please and please never take your coin to Telegram.
A lot of People has cried bitterly to the public after losing their Bitcoin to fraudsters on Telegrams.
Only use Telegram with a buyer or Bitcoin exchanger that you know won’t scam you. And remember C-R Exchange would never transact business on Telegram, emails or any other Platform aside from WhatsApp.
Unknown Bitcoin Exchangers
Please and please beware of Bitcoin exchangers or exchange platforms with no reputation. These are in most cases the riskiest people you should ever send your bitcoin to.
Closing Remark
Everybody understands the role Binnance plays as far as bitcoin and its exchange to Naira is concerned. But the truth remains Binance is an advanced platform and not everyone is ready to follow protocols, thus the need for a better and reliable Exchanger to help
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