Dubai Expo 2020 Ticket Price Announced

Dubai Expo 2020! Probably one of the best events the world would live to always remember, not because it’s an event that occurs once after s long time, but because it would be hosted by the world’s most popular tourist destination “Dubai”. SO this article is totally about Dubai Expo 2020 formerly scheduled to hold last year 2020 before the Covid19 pandemic ruined it all.

Oh, did I say ruin? Maybe the Covid19 pandemic did a remarkable thing for the event planners, hosts, participants, etc. Yes, helped them plan better and build more breathtaking structures to showcase to the world.

So while you’re trying to figure out your budget, plan your trip to Dubai expo 2020, this should be a guide on how best to tour the city.

Getting to Dubai

Dubai Expo 2020
Dubai Expo 2020 is a global event, a time the United Arab Emirates as a nation opens its shores to the world. It’s a time to witness various things that makes this Arab nation what it is.


A time to revisit your investment destinations cos I know once you visit Dubai, other Emirates within the UAE, it’ll be unusual not to think of a way to bring one or 2 investments here.

It’s a booming economy, the youngest and most viable economy in the entire Middle East and I must say being here with your wealth is the best thing you could do in a lifetime.

Do You Need Visa For Dubai Expo 2020?

So the first step to planning your visit to the Emirates would be checking to know if you’re a citizen of a country that requires an entry visa to the United Arab Emirates.

This is important because if you happen to be a citizen of any of the GCC or any of these countries, then you qualify for free entry, you just need to show your international passport.

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But if you’re from a country that needs an entry visa, you have a lot of options ranging from 7 days to 6 months visa.

Well, Expo 2020 is a 6-month program. So getting a 6 months visa would be the right thing if you intend to stay throughout the event.

So I suppose you’ve known your stand regarding visa (Don’t worry, do long as you’ve never been depleted from the United Arab Emirates before, your visa would be issued within 72 hours)

Then, your next on the list is getting an accommodation plan. If you intend to stay longer, you could make good arrangements with any of Dubai’s Great hotels. The price per night I’m sure is affordable but depends on your taste and budget.

Well, Dubai has hotels as cheap as 100Dhs per night, just navigate the hotels and find what suits your needs.

To be sure, quickly see Do i Visa to enter the United Arab Emirates?

Secured accommodation?

Next would be your flight itinerary. Hmmm! You know the Covid19 pandemic did a lot of damage to how easy it is to book a Dubai flight ticket for yourself.

Depending on where you are, ensure you book your Dubai flight ticket only after updating yourself with the travel rules for passengers flying from your country.

If you can purchase your flight ticket from Emirates, then I’m sure you’re going to see from the Emirates website all Covid19 protocols for passengers flying from your location.

Getting into Expo 2020 Arena.

Welcome to the United Arab Emirates! You’re just one of the luckiest peoples that would witness this global event. But, you need a special pass to be able to visit the expo 2020 Arena.

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It’s like the showroom of the world, only open to lucky stars like you.

Dubai Expo 2020 Tickets

According to the organizers, all visitors must buy expo 2020 tickets from ticket outlets around the Emirates.

However, you Stand a chance to enjoy so much discount (50%) if you’re accompanying anyone with a disability. Also understand that the ticket is of 2 types, the Multi-entry Dubai expo 2020 ticket which is valid for 30 days and sells for 195Dhs

Aside from the 30 days ticket, there is also the season pass Expo 2020 ticket which sells for 495dhs. This ticket gives you unrestricted access for the entire 6 months period. As a resident, I think this is the right ticket for me **Winks

I think you’ll be at more advantage if you bought the long ticket as it allows you to access the expo anytime you like.

Cost of Dubai Expo 2020 ticket

Expo2020 Multi- entry ticket


30 days unrestricted entry priced 195Dhs


Expo 2020 season pass ticket


6 months validity priced 495Dhs


Dubai Expo 2020 ticket sales Date

Ticket sales would kick off from 18th July 2021 and would sell all through the Event

Moving around Dubai


Dubai is a very friendly city, with great nightlife, great nightclubs, etc.


It’s usually cool during these times, so you’ll do well to come along with a nice jacket to warm you up while you tour the city.


Yu could arrange with any of the VIP taxi companies to take you around the city.

Aside from the clean city taxis with well-mannered drivers, you’ll also enjoy the nice meals served by wonderful restaurants like China Wok (An Indo-Chinese restaurant that serves wonderful meals at a very affordable price)

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Oh, I almost forgot the mall. It’s just another wonderful place to visit, located very close to Dubai’s most popular hotel Burj Khalifa. At Dubai Mall, you’ll enjoy wonderful sights, shop your favorite brands with ease (I’m sure a much better, advanced chopping complex would be unveiled during the expo)

Did I mention Dubai metro? It’s designed to take you directly to expo 2020. The truth is Expo 2020 Metro station might just be the most advanced metro station you’ve ever seen in a lifetime. So be prepared to have your mind blown off by its beauty

It’s usually cheap using the metro, all you’ll need is to purchase your metro card (Usually referred to as “Nol Card”), recharge with at least 60dhs which I’m sure would take you on a trip to and from Dubai Expo 2020 many times.

Dubai metro is just another wonderful means of transportation within Dubai. It’s one of the most well-managed facilities you’ll enjoy in the city.

To avoid confusion, just ensure you ask questions at the counter or refer to maps around the metro station or ask anyone “How can I get to Expo 2020”


You’re surely going to be directed.


Well, just remember, it’s a time to enjoy Dubai and I’m sure you’ll never wanna go away after your Dubai expo 2020 experience.

Note: Try as much as you can to do everything within the laws and rules of the UAE and remember, Dubai police remains the most friendly police force in the world.

Thank you


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