How to Get Rid of Septic Tank Smell In House

Here at Guardian Constructors, we understand there are times when you begin to notice some smell, usually in the bathroom, even while sitting at the dinning sometime, septic smell could ruin that beautiful moment. Sometimes, the most accurate solution comes when you ask the question “How can i get rid of septic tank Smell In House?”

septic tank smell in house


Ensure sinks and water closets are flushed properly. 

The first step towards putting a stop to septic tank smell in house is to check if the flushing systems, sinks are working fine.

This means you may have to flush, wash the sink and Empty any content on the trap (Usually under the sink) How To Clean septic tanks Naturally

After this, observe for a few days, if the smell continues to disturb, then it’s time to consult a septic inspection company.

Do you know that sometimes, using these septic treatment products could solve that problem?

This is once again the very first step, not like it will stop septic tank smell from coming but just to be sure the smell is not as a result of blockage within the water closet or kitchen sink.

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Consult a septic Inspection company 

Consulting a septic inspection company should be your next option if a septic tank smell in house continues to disturb your home or surrounding despite flushing the sink and emptying the content found in the sink as mentioned above.

Septic inspection company would send an agent to your home. He or she would check the pipework, view the level of content in the septic tank by opening the sealer or lid as well as check what goes on within the leach field.

Should he see anything unusual or discover the septic tank is filled (which in most cases is the reason for the bad smell you have in the house), an arrangement would be made for septic tank cleaning and the cost of septic tank cleaning is it’s as mentioned here. They may also recommend a total replacement or repair of septic tank if the fault is terminal

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Check around the septic tank for any overflowing fluids

I know it might cost a lot of money consulting a septic inspection company, so if you’re on a budget, you should check around the septic tank or open the lid to see things for yourself.

a. If you find water overflowing the Tank, it, therefore, means the pit is filled. It is recommended that septic tanks are Pumped as soon as they are filled up to avoid creating some environmental issues for everyone around. See the cost of pumping septic tank

How you know the pit is filled.

You’ll know this if the level of scum is just the same as the level of the outlet pipe.

b. To be sure if the pit is filled, open the lid or access covers.

Check for leakages around the drain field

Checking the leach field for possible leaks is another way to know the source of septic tank smell in the house.

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Leach field is designed to dispose treated wastewater in the soil just outside the home.

In a normal septic system, the treated wastewater ought to be discharged some inches below the surface of the surrounding soil.

Therefore, should you check around the leach field and discover the wastewater flows just at the top or surface soil, then it’s obvious your septic system is faulty and needs a professional touch.

We, therefore, recommend that whenever you discover unwanted or septic tank smell dominating your home, check the septic system, in situations where you’re not chanced or can’t stand the sight of what’s inside a septic tank, quickly call the services of septic inspection companies as they’ll detect the source of bad smell and treat as quickly as possible to reinstate normalcy in the home.


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