Cheapest Septic Tank Inspection Companies, New York

cheapest septic tank inspection companies

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and the general Stay-at home order aimed at limiting the number of people on the streets, its certain a lot of homes, appliances and septic systems may have been used above their normal capacity. It’s a no school time, thus, Junior and Angie would always want to make their presence known by flushing even when it’s not necessary, pooing and staining everywhere… They are kids right? Lol. Because of these, we understand you may notice a surge; maybe some of the signs that show your septic tank is filled. Based on this, I am going to make a list of companies that offer the cheapest septic tank inspection services and this time, we are basing our search in New York City

Our research team was able to get a list of cheapest septic tank inspection companies in New York City and these would serve you whenever you are ready!.

These companies have chosen to keep their service charge away from the public because of the competition in the industry today. Therefore, you are required to contact them directly for their pricing and further negotiations if necessary.

Don’t worry, we shall be providing the direct contacts of these companies on this page today. Meanwhile, you should rest assured that these septic tank inspection companies are quality and affordable.
First Let’s understand what we mean by septic tank inspection

What is a Septic Tank Inspection?

Septic tank inspection is a process that invites the presence of environmentalists who tries as much as possible to identify any issues that could lead to a failure of the septic system so as to prevent the puddling of untreated effluent on the surface of the ground.

Septic tank inspection is highly recommended if you have noticed any of the warning signs that depicts a failing septic tank which often happens when you as the homeowner fail to follow some of the suggestions necessary for Eco-friendly septic tanks

There are two basic categories of septic tank inspection which include the visual and full septic tank inspection.

The visual septic tank inspection only involves flushing to identify the leaking areas of the septic system and also to check for other problems.

While the full septic tank inspection requires a more specialized person to check the inside of your septic system for problems and leaks, broken baffles, broken walls, etc. This kind of septic tank inspection follows a thorough procedure.

However, the full septic tank inspection is recommended.

Why is Septic Tank Inspection Important?

Below are the reasons why you should inspect your septic tank at least once a year.

To spot problems with the septic system before they cause damages.

To avoid repairs and replacement of the septic system which will cost more money.

To prevent your home from getting messed with wastes and offensive odor

To cut costs for repairs 

Inspecting your septic tank is something that should be done at least once in a year. This is because it will help you prevent the cost for repairs, increase its lifespan, protect you against health issues caused by wastes, keep your home clean and many more.

An undeniable fact about the septic inspection is that its cost is more affordable than that of repairs. Therefore, you should not overlook the septic tank inspection services in NYC that would be shown in this article today. 

During septic tank inspection, experts looks out for signs such as collapsed septic tank walls, broken dip pipes, collapsed baffles, etc

Cheapest Septic Tank Inspection Service in New York City

In this section, we shall consider a few of the cheapest septic tank inspection agencies in New York. Aside talking about these companies that offer cheapest septic tank inspection service, we would also leave you with their contact details so you can easily connect with them and have an appointment booked!

1. Mr Rooter Plumbing 

This is one of the most affordable quality septic tank inspection services you can get in New York City. 

They have a team of experts capable of carrying out proper septic tank inspection. 

Some of the notable places that they have worked in NYC include; Auburn, Oneida, Baldwinsville, Camillus, Liverpool, Manlius, Skaneateles, Syracuse, Utica and many other places. If you require their services. 

As a house owner, it is important to reach out to them for their service charge, and have an appointment scheduled using the contacts below; 

Hotline – 315 472 1203 

Address – 1770, Erie Blvd W, Syracuse, NY 1320, United States 

2. The Trusted Inspection Service 

The Trusted Inspection has been around for a while now making them an authority in what they do. They do general home inspections and also have a specialty in the septic tank inspection. 

Their septic tank inspection service is considered one of the cheapest in New York. They inspect both new and old septic tanks. 

According to what they have on their company’s website, they understand how the septic system works. You can reach out to them for pricing and appointments. 

Address – 124, Main Street, PO Box 174, Gardiner, New York City, 12525, United States 

3. Jones Septic Service 

Here is another cool septic tank inspection company that specializes in all septic systems. They have been in this business for over 60 years which shows the level of authority they have in the field. 

They know how the septic system works and are capable of inspecting and replacing. 

Something unique about them is that they truly understand clients’ needs and they are ready to deliver as per requested. 

You can try them out because they provide both affordable and quality service. Check their contacts below for pricing and appointments. 

Hotline – 845 452 1123 

Address – 271, Cream Street, Poughkeepsie, New York, 12601, United States. 

4. Jeson Brothers 

Are you still in doubt of the cheapest septic tank inspection service in New York City? Why not consider reaching out to Jeson Brothers. 

Their fees are affordable and they offer one of the best. Find out some the benefits of working with them below; 

They know various types of septic systems
They have a superb response time
They inspect both new and old septic systems
They do it like a pro
They offer both visual and full septic inspection
And many more.

You can reach out to them for pricings and appointments using this contact form here

5. Proseptic Inspection Service 

You can always reach out to the proseptic inspection to get your septic tank inspected at an affordable price. 

They offer all services that are related to the septic system. Some of which include; septic system installation, drain cleaning, septic tank replacement, septic tank pumping, Hydro jetting, tank cover, riser installation and many more. 

With their years of experience and understanding of the septic system, they can properly carry out your septic tank inspection service as requested. 

Below is their contact details. 

Hotline – 845-228-8469 

Address – 150, Noxon Road, Poughkeepsie, NY, 12603, United States. 

Well, it is not enough to have the list of the cheapest septic inspection services in New York. Why not learn some things about septic tank inspection before picking up your phone. 

The Average Cost of Septic Tank Inspection

We have been able to make some inquiries concerning the cost of the septic tank inspection service. So the average cost we arrived at are shown below; 

The average cost of full septic tank inspection falls within the range of $100 to $250. This depends on the location of the person’s home.

The average cost of uncovering and covering the tank ranges from $50 to $250 depending on the depth of the card. 

However, the average cost of replacing the tank ranges from $2,500 to $10,000. Which shows a huge margin between the inspection cost and replacement. 

Conclusion – Cheapest Septic Tank Inspection Service in NYC

We’ve been able to give you a list of the most affordable or cheapest septic tank inspection companies in NYC. So go ahead and contact any of those above. 

You should make use of the social share button to spread this information with others searching online. Remember to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks. 

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