Resorts in Lagos state

What are Resorts? To be able to convey out information best resorts in Lagos, i think it’ll be best to have a good understanding of what a resort is.

What is a Resort?

Resorts are establishments that cater to the wants of vacationers, such as lodging, sports, swimming, drinks, food, shopping, entertainment, etc., on a single property.

Some 5 star hotels in Lagos offer all of these services, and they can also be regarded as Resorts. However, if it does not provide all these amenities to guests and vacationers, it can not be called a resort.


Lagos State is one of the places to find the best resorts in Nigeria. These establishments have been groomed to give out the best to guests and ensure they enjoy their stay to the maximum.


Are you planning to take a trip to Lagos State soon or visit a resort in Lagos for a vacation with family? If yes, then you should read this article. I will mention the most popular resorts in Lagos, their address, prices, and how you can contact them.


Best Resorts in Lagos 2022

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We are highlighting the very best of resorts in Lagos state. We usually make a list of the facilities that makes these places the best outlet for you. This is to help you make a quick choice without stressing your head thinking what is not there!


Inagbe Grand Resort


Address: Oyinkan Abayomi Dr, Ikoyi 101233, Lagos

Contact: 0817 088 5261


Inagbe Grand Resort is set between the famous Badagry Creek and a beach on the Gulf of Guinea. It is an airy, laid-back resort located very close to a ferry terminal to Snake Island. If you are the type so enthusiastic about adventure, you might consider visiting  Inagbe Grand Resort.


The lodge consists of bright, well-equipped rooms that offer several amenities. All rooms come with air conditioning, free WiFi, etc. Some rooms include mini-fridges and tea and coffee-making facilities.


Furthermore, upgraded rooms add living rooms or sitting areas for guests. If you are the type that wants a more spacious lodge, you can also opt-in for the 2-bedroom bungalow or 6-bedroom chalets, depending on your taste.

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Inagbe Grand Resort offers a relaxed bar, restaurant, fitness center, local shuttle, free parking, etc. Other amenities include a children’s playground, beach access, loner paddle boats, sports court, conference spaces, etc.


The resort facility is one of the best places in Lagos where you can relax and enjoy the soothing ability of nature. I see no reason why you shouldn’t be here. The property is a 15-minute walk from Ikoyi.


Frequently Asked Questions


When is the best time to visit a Beach Resort in Lagos?


You can visit a Lagos Resort anytime you wish or when comfortable with it. However, there are specific periods when you are most likely to enjoy your visit.


For example, in the hot seasons, Everyone gets the urge to get into the water in the hot season; this could be the best time to visit one of these beach resorts in Lagos. Aside from enjoying the beach waves, you can play games and meet new people.


Another time when people love to visit resorts is during festive periods like December and January. During this time, the crowd at private resorts in Lagos is usually overwhelming. If you love the crowd, I can bet you will enjoy the scene.

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However, some don’t love the sight of too many people. If you are one of these people, I will advise you to visit on weekdays. People are usually few at these resorts on weekdays. It is during weekends that they entertain the most visitors.


Which Beach Resort in Lagos is the Best for a Family Gathering?


Literally, all the resorts mentioned in this list are ideal for a family gathering. It could be a gathering of your close relatives or extended family members. However, the resort which I will most recommend for such bonds is the Omu Resort.


The games and ambiance at Omu Resort are perfect for your family’s needs. It will help you build a stronger bond together.


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