What is the Cost of Fencing a Plot of Land (100 x 50 with pillars) – Complete Guide

What is the cost of fencing a plot of land

Today on this space, I will be answering the question “what is the cost of fencing a plot of land in Nigeria”. I’m doing this cos even though I’ve written so much about calculating the number of blocks required to fence a plot, an intending landlord also needs to know the cost of fencing which includes the cost of blocks, cost for cement and the amount set aside for workmen on site.

Well, before we proceed, I’ll like to make a few things clear.

1. Plot of land measures 30.48m x 15.24m (100 ft by 50ft)
2. We shall be using 5 inch sandcrete blocks
3. We’re assuming the terrain is dry and normal soil (not swampy soil)
4. We’re installing Sandcrete columns @6 blocks apart
5. Height of Wall is 12 blocks 
6. We’re adopting the strip foundation for this project
7. Depth of Foundation is 450mm (1.6ft)
8. Foundation concrete is 4 inches (100mm)

And so let’s proceed to the calculation for blocks

How to calculate Position of Columns in Fencing Project

In order to understand how to place columns in a fence project, please pay close attention to thus section of the post 

As we know, one of the functional requirements of a fence is to stand firm in order to resist internal and external forces which includes earth vibration as a result of settlement, vibration from vehicular traffic, etc
For this reason, we’ve adopted the pillar at 6 blocks apart fence. This means that while there will be a pillar at every 0m mark, another pillar comes 6 blocks after the initial pillar at 0m mark.

That being the case, we shall obtain the length of each pillar by multiply the length of each block (0.45m) and multiply by 6(number of blocks from pillar A to pillar B)

Thus, 6 x 0.450 = 2700mm or 2.7m

This means there must be a pillar at every 2.7 meters

Now let’s determine how many pillars on each line of the plot. Remember our plot of land has 4 lines

Let’s call them Lines A – B, B – C, C – D and finally lines D – A

Now for lines A – B, which measures  15.24 meters, we will be having;

15.24/2.7 => 5.64 pillars so we assume 6 pillars

For limes B – C which measures 30.48 meters, we have

30.48/2.7 => 11.28 pillars. Let’s leave it at that since 2 can’t be approximated. 

Now since the other lines – C -D and D – A are of same dimensions, we simply ignore them but bear in mind whatever pillars we got from above, must apply to the other lines.

How many Blocks Is required to Fence a plot of land?

Notice that i have written other posts with the same title, like i have a post that discuses how to calculate the number of blocks for a plot measuring 100ft by 60ft. This post is for a plot of land measuring 100 feet by 50 feet!

First, let’s calculate the block required for pillars…

Remember we have 6 pillars on the 50ft side of the plot?

Also remember there are 2 lines with 50ft dimension so let’s obtain the number of blocks that will be required to install pillars on these first

There are usually 3 blocks in 1 course of sandcrete pillars.

So we have 

3 blocks x 6 pillars x 12 courses and this gives us 216 blocks for one side.

But we have 2 sides

So 216 x 2 gives us 432 blocks

We will need 432 blocks to install pillars on 50ft sides of our fence

For the 100ft side, we have 11.28 pillars

Let’s obtain the number of blocks required to install pillars on both sides

As established, we have 3 blocks for each course of our pillar, there are 11.28 pillars, and these pillars are 12 blocks high

So we have 

3×11.28×12 = 406 blocks

Now we have 2 sides measuring 100ft or 30.48 meters

Therefore, we have 2 x 406 blocks giving us 812 blocks

Now this means we need 812 + 432 (1244 Blocks to install pillars on our plot of land)

What about the walls?

On the 15.28 Meter side, we have 5 partitions…

Each partition requires 6 blocks as first course and these must attain 12 blocks high

Thus, 5 x 6 x 12 = 360 blocks on each side

Since we have 2 sides measuring 15.24 Meters, we multiply 360 by 2 to give us 720 blocks.

What about the 30.48 meter side?

We have

11.28 partitions x 6 x 12 = 812 blocks

Multiply 812 by 2, we have 1624 blocks

Therefore, we need 720 + 1624 (2344 blocks) to fill up the spaces.

In total, we require 2344 + 1244  => 3588 blocks to install our fence completely 

What about the cement to bond the blocks?

We are able to bond 70 blocks from every bag of cement, this means we need

3588/70 = 52 bags of cement to Bond our fence completely.

Cash requirement to buy Blocks = 120 x 3588 = 430,560

This has answered just a part of the question “What is the cost of fencing a plot of land in Nigeria“, there are other parts that won’t be on this post. These parts includes:

The cost for  foundation concrete?

For the Foundation work, there is need to provide sand, cement for foundation concrete as well as Granite (Coarse Aggregate)

For Excavation of foundation for a fencing project, i recommend you discuss with the engineer on site in order to determine the suitable mode of paying those that will excavate the foundation.

You could decide to pay per partition which means you have to pay about N1,000 for every 10ft dug.

Now if you are paying per partition, that means you may have to make available some N30,000 since there is a total of 30 partitions to be dug

What about the Sand required?

Another thing that is going to cost you some cash is Sand. Sand is required for every aspect of fencing project. 

You need sand for Foundation concrete, you need sand for mixing of mortar, you also need sand for back filling but lets estimate amount of sand required for foundation concrete and mixing of mortar

You are going to have to provide some 5 trips of sand (It will not be exhausted though)

Price of a trip of sharp sand in Nigeria is N13,000

5 Trips of sand = N65,000

What about the Cost of Workmanship?

Workmanship is another major type of cost that is necessary for fencing project. Even the author is currently looking for workmanship for his sitting down and giving out this information for free. lol

for workmanship, i have estimated N30,000 for Excavation. 

However, Casting of foundation concrete also needs workmanship since you need men to convey the concrete from point of mixture to point of placing.

You also need to pay Masonry men that will be on trench to receive and place this concrete according to the specification. This in most cases are bricklayers and they could charge N4,000 per person

Now lets assume you are using 3, that’s N12,000 isn’t it?

Now you will have to pay according to what is obtainable in your area. Some may demand that you pay per bag of cement mixed which could amount upto N800 or N1,000 Depending on where your site is located 

You will need about 15 bags of cement to totally bind the earth after which you place the blocks forming the fence itself

Therefore, 15 x 1000 = N15,000 for casting of foundation concrete

How much Do you Need to Set Blocks?

From what was obtained during estimation of blocks, we calculated a total of 3,588 blocks as required for the project.

Now what is the price for setting of blocks?

We are using 5 inch blocks and the average price for setting this type of block ranges from N35 – 45 Depending on where you are!

Now lets assume we are paying N40 per block.

40 x 3588 = N132,520

Lets not forget there is need for Wheelbarrows, head pans, shovels and in most cases Pumping machine and power generating set which could be rented at a fixed cost.


Wheelbarrow:        N200 daily
Headpan:              N100 daily
Generator:            N1,000 daily
Pumping machine: N1,000 daily

What is the Total Cost Of Fencing a Plot of Land In Nigeria?

Foundation Excavation                         N30,000

Foundation Concrete (Mixing)               N15,000

Foundation Concrete (Placing)              N12,000

Cost of blocks                                     N430,560 
Cost for blockwork                              N143,520

5 Trips of sand                                    N65,000

Miscellaneous                                     N20,000

Total                                                      N716,120

Therefore, in order to raise a 12 block high fence, you will need some N716,000 

Note: I did not deduct for gate. I did not remove it because it doesn’t make much difference. so if you have been asking for the total cost of raising a 12 block high fence, i am here to make it known that you will be needing nothing less than 716,000 in order to achieve your aim.

This does not include cost for Plastering of walls which usually comes a few days after the completion of block work

I hope this served you well?
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  1. I decided to ignore it because the cost of cement is not fixed…
    However, as you could see, i estimated some 52 bags of cement would be required for the project.

    All you can do right now is get the total cost of 52 bags of cement and add to what we have written above!

    Also note: I did not exclude the space for gate!

    Some of these are monetized

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