What Is Digital Engineering?

Explain Digital Engineering

Today i’m going to deliberate on Digital Engineering and Modular Engineering and the truth remains I chose this topic cos I know and I feel it’s going to be the future of engineering. After this lecture, you and I are gonna be well abreast with the meaning of Digital engineering, we’re going to understand the various game changers of Digital engineering and lastly, we would be looking at the necessary tips every Digital Engineer must keep at the tip of his or her fingers


1. What is Digital Engineering?

Let’s refer to Digital engineering as a special art. That special art that allows you and I as engineers to create, capture and integrate data by using a digital skill set
By way of elaboration, Digital Engineering simply means the ability advance Engineering skills from normal drawings to stimulations, creating 3D models and lately using advanced technologies to capture data thereby crafting designs in a digitized environment.
Digital Engineering has through progressive applications helped engineers and designers explore possibilities thereby developing innovative solutions in a virtual environment.
Let’s take a look at the game changers Of Digital Engineering

Major Game Changers of Digital Engineering…

As a new trend in engineering, one would want to ask “what are the game changers of Digital engineering”. Well, the answer you seek is just below this section
1. Digital Evolution
Truth remains the processes currently existing in the world of Digital engineering have never stopped evolving. Technologies and cost of cloud processing and storage are on the increase. The new Technologies in engineering today would soon be tagged “outdated” this, replaced by newer and more efficient tools that will change and modify the way designs are made and projects delivered 
2. Improved Optioneering
With digital engineering, it is possible and easy to generate multiple design options, test these available options as soon as they’re generated in the virtual world. This is quite different from the Traditional engineering where predicting the performance of a design is often a challenging task as engineers spent a lot of time analysing a single option that might not even be accepted at the end of the day
3. Ability to Decipher Data is Key
In order to enjoy the many benefits of Digital engineering, it’s is important that engineers are able to capture and manipulate data. This helps in making or developing an accurate and effective models that can test the performance of a design. It therefore requires that a digital engineer understands the system that makes data capture easy and be good at it
4. Basic Engineering Principles Prevail
That engineering is going digital doesn’t mean the Fundamentals are archaic or outdated. Instead, these Fundamentals have only been enhanced by technology. It therefore calls for the evolvement of the engineering curriculum, such that would afford students the ability to know when to switch to these digital tools.
5. The Reborn of Collaborative Practice
The decades of designers residing in siloed offices are gone. This time, collaborative real-time processes of co-design is here to stay and will challenge papar based processes which are time consuming and slow.

C. Necessary Tips for Digital Engineers

1. Learn to code
Do not see coding as something strictly meant for IT professionals, it’s one of the great skills out there and as an engineer, you’re gifted with understanding. Try as much as possible to understand how to apply coding techniques in Design.
2. Keep Up with Digital Evolution
As a digital Engineer, there is need to keep up with the latest digital trends, try as much as you can to learn them. Keeping yourself up to date with latest trends would afford you the ability to spot opportunities that can help improve a design, improve construction and operations process
3. It’s not always about Mathematics
Lol. There is need to understand that digitization isn’t all about Mathematics, soft skills matters. Don’t forget your clients may not always understand the technical aspects of BIM or simulations, learn soft skills like effective communication and collaboration as these matters too.
4. Build a Team of Diverse Minds
Since you’re out to build holistic designs, there is need to have a team of people with diverse Minds, people with diverse backgrounds as these may be the needed skill to make sense and maximize the potential of digital revolution. Strive to ensure its a team of different kinds of expertise and specialization.


We’ve come to understand the meaning of digital engineering as the art of create, capturing and integrate data by use of a digital skill set, we’ve also considered the 5 major Game Changers in digital engineering as well as left 4 tips every Digital engineer must know. It therefore means anyone interested in the field of Engineering should find a way to think towards these interesting aspects of it

Article source: Vibetothis.com
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