3 Business Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs In Nigeria

If you’re considering enterpreneurship as a young Nigerian graduate, I’ll like to make it clear that you’re thinking right because the labour market of Nigeria is over saturated. Even the employed ones are looking for employment. Lol. On this post, I’m going to on this post, give you 3 business ideas for young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and I hope you’ll see the need to take action quickly.

They’re not new ideas though, but it’s possible you’ve never thought about it.
 For those looking for a business to Start with little income.
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Let’s assume you have this N600,000 ($1720) and would like to invest in a business that will give your steady returns.
Do you know that the 3 business ideas below will help a lot?
Let’s go listing them here;
1. With N600,000, You Can:
Register with Merrybet/Bet9ja/Nairabet as an agent, buy a Desktop and extra screen, a shop, internet modem and start making small small money.
This is season my brother, if your shop is located in a good spot, you’ll make nothing less than 30,000 weekly.
2. With N600,000, You can:
Rent a shop and start a boutique business, when you gain ground, na money go dey rush you.
3. With N600,000, you can:
Rent a shop and open a city class Male Salon, hire a good stylist and start raking some income weekly.
4. But then, if you have something bigger than this, venture into transport business, register at the nearest motor park, pay high to get priority (with priority, your bus will be loaded whenever you reach park)
Let me add a Bonus
5. Block Industry is another lucrative business for you if you’re entrepreneurially inclined.
All you need is an outlet, some space to mold your block, wheelbarrow and molder to mold blocks for you and then you can sell these and make your gain.
Believe you me, there is much profit in Transportation business but then ensure you have an honest driver, ensure your bus is brand new or first grade direct Benjum (I know the correct spelling o)
Now you can tank me later cos I just gave you these 3 business ideas for young entrepreneurs in Nigeria.
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