Safety: General Safety Tips You Must Know As A Human

General safety tips
Today on Building Contractor Secrets, i would like to discuss a few safety tips as it applies to every human out there. This is going to be very helpful to you as a Construction worker, as a resident and as a person.
On This post, you’re going to learn a few safety tips as it applies to all of us. We all need these safety tips as they help us run our daily tasks without injury, without loosing our lives.

Safety Around construction sites
On this segment, i have decided to talk about safety as it applies to clearing up a construction site. This is very very important as it ensures all workers on site carry out their tasks without sustaining any injuries or loosing their lives.
here are the safety tips in Construction sites.
■ Keep passages clear all the time.
■ Sort out materials and pile them up safely. The stacks should not be too high.
■ Beware of floor openings and ensure that they are fenced or covered.
■ Remove refuse as soon as possible.
■ Provide sufficient lighting.
■ Familiarize with the location and the operation of fire-fighting equipment
General Safety measures
As the title implies, this is meant to showcase the various safety rules that would help you keep safe around the workshop, construction site, electrical workshop, etc.
■ Before you operate a machine, ensure that the dangerous part of the machine has been installed with a guard.
■ Avoid going to any area with insufficient lighting as there may be some dangerous places which have not been provided with fencing.
■ Keep vigilant all the time and watch out for moving cranes, hooks or other lifting equipment.
■ Before you use any electrical installation or tool, check the condition of its electric cables.
■ Avoid dragging electric cables on the ground or allowing the cables to come into contact with water.
■ Use electrical tools installed with an earth leakage circuit breaker.
■ Use and handle chemicals with care.
General Personal Safety Tips You Must Know
■ Wear protective equipment
■ Do not drink or take drugs while working.
■ Pay attention to personal hygiene.
■ Do not play in the workplace.
■ Report to your supervisor immediately if you notice any unsafe condition.
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