Top 10 Uses Of Excavators On A Construction Site

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Another Construction equipment or machine i would want to talk about is the Excavator. On my other post, i talked about graders and their importance in a construction site and also made a few description of a grader and i would be doing so for excavators on this page.

In order for us to begin, i want to first define an excavator.

What Is An Excavator?

An excavator is one important construction Vehicle that has a great number of uses. It is used to excavate objects as well as lift or move large objects in a construction site. 

It is a heavy construction equipment consisting os a boom, dipper, a bucket and and a cab on a rotating platform known as the house. Belo the house is an undercarriage. It is on this Undercarriage that the tracks or wheels are fitted.

The excavator operates by a hydraulic principle and is controlled by an operator who sits within a small cab usually installed to the base.

The mechanical arm is usually controlled by a hydraulic force which is generated through a hydraulic system.

Where are excavators used?

An Excavator is used both in large and small scale constructions. During building projects, excavators are used to cut and fill, for road construction excavators are used to cut and fill they are also used to demolish old buildings, trees and other obstacles on site.

Excavators are usually expensive and so local constructions companies are often known to hire from others or buy fairly used ones for their own use

10 Uses Of an Excavator

Well, without further ado, i would like to mention 9 uses of an excavator and these are listed below:

1. Excavators are used for Demolition
2. They are used for material handling on site
3. Excavators play an important role during dredging operation

4. Miners find their work easy with the excavator around unless it is something very small

5. Heavy pipes are easily moved from place to place with the aid of an excavator. This is common with pipeline operations

6. Excavators are used in forestry works

7. Aside from the graders, excavators are also used.

8. Excavators are used for earth movemtn
9. excavators are used for the digging of trenches

10. They are used to dig foundations and knock off obstacles during construction.

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