How To Become a Registered Building Contractor?

Who is really a building contractor?
Building contractor is a phrase used to refer to people who submits a bid to undertake a construction project, he may also hire other contractor (A process known as subcontracting) for the execution of the contract if he/she actually happens to win the bid.

There are times when a building contractor also takes a part in the construction process of the project. That however, does not mean its his primary job to partake in the construction of a project because while he may take a part, his main or primary job is to obtain contracts for the construction of residential buildings. To accomplish this, he hires other contractors such as plumbers, electricians, mechanical engineers and civil engineers to apply their skills in actualizing the project. Building contractors often start with small contracts and this they undertake individually and gradually advance to big projects in time.

How Can I Become A Building Contractor?

One of the best ways to become a Building contractor is to make your self available for a series of tests after which you would be issued a license by the regulatory body. Exams would be given you, but this would be after you have paid to register and studied the prescribed materials or books.

It is only when you have passed such tests or exams that you can start making appearances to make bids for contracts.

During bids, a lot of contractors makes themselves available to bid for the contract. This affords the client the opportunity to select the best contractor for the project. The Selection however would depend a number of factors which would be discussed at a later time.

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What Factors are usually considered when hiring a building contractor?

There are many factors to be considered when choosing or hiring a building contractor, this may include

1. Experience
2. Resources
3. Value-Engineerin Ideas
4. Communication
5. Financial Responsibility
6. Insurance
7. Price

What are Areas Of Specialization For Contractors?

There are a lot of areas of specialization for contractors.

These may include areas such as 

1. Flooring
2. Roofing
3. Wiring
4. Plumbing
5. Painting
6. Decors, ETC

A Contractor who hires the services of the contractors above is known as a principal contractor and the act of hiring other contractors for a project is called Subcontracting. The job of subcontractors is strictly monitored by the contractor and never the client.

What Does it take to be a successful Contractor?
Being a successful Building contractor requires a lot of effort and determination. This is so because as a contractor, you get to supervise many other persons on site. This includes the subcontractors and their workers, proper supervision is necessary because if anything goes wrong, the client may hold the contractor responsible and may even file a law suit . Being a good and successful building contractor also requires that you build a lot of relationships with your clients, subcontractors, foremen, and other persons within the cadre of your contracting family.

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