How Can I Install Solar Energy System In My Home

how can i install solar power in nigeria
Today On Building Contractor secrets i am going to answer a very important question “How Can I Install Solar Energy System In My Home”. We will discuss the various benefits of installing a solar power system in your home and i will also give you details that could help you contact a very good agent or dealer when you want to install a solar Power System in your home but first. I am will also answer some important questions that may come to mind as you read through this post.

What Is Solar Power?

Solar power is simply the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. This can be done directly using PhotoVoltanics (PV), or indirectly using Concentrated solar power, or combination. Concentrated solar power systems are configured to use lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to enable it focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. Photovoltaic cells convert light into an electric current using the photovoltaic effect.
Enough Of The grammar Please!!!
Among all other source of energy, solar power stand as one of the cleanest, most reliable energy available. The most interesting of this source of energy or electricity is that it can play a very important role in your life as it can be configured to power your home or business.
This simply means you can harness the energy of the sun (Solar energy) into a usable electrical energy for your home. You are required to learn about conversion from solar energy to electrical energy
As a Nigerian, i would always love to use my country as a case study. Nigeria is a country where a lot of businesses depend largely on their own source of energy which means the use of Power Generating sets powered by Petrol (Which emits a lot of carbon Monoxide –  a toxic gas). But after this post today, i am sure you’ll be moved to install a solar energy system for your home.

What Do I Need To Install Solar Power System In My Home?

Installation is usually done by mounting the panels on the roof of your building. It could be the roof of your shop also. Aside from the panels, you also have the inverter and cables among other things that would be supplied by the supplier you made contracts with.
If Installation is to be done along the streets, shops, poles may be used too.

What Can i Operate with A Solar Power System?

An answer to this question would depend greatly on the appliances you have at home or your shop. 

Who do i Contact To have mine installed?

If You’ve made the decision to invest in powering your home, business with solar energy, then you can contact one of the trusted solar power distributors in Nigeria. One Company you can trust when it comes to installation of your solar power system for your home is non other but Stardust Technologies.
Stardust Technologies Offers the best and most affordable solar power systems and also does the installation of this system for you. All you have to do is describe your power needs and provide the required sum of money and watch them work magic with your cash as your home gently becomes one without power interruptions.
Another interesting thing about Stardust Technologies is that they’re sure to give you the best solar power installation services as well as maintenance. With this, i am sure you’ll have less need for petrol and generator and save the huge sums for other expenses or expand the business

Why Do I Need To Invest In Solar Energy System?

Its simple! Solar energy is environment friendly, it is cheap compared to the amount of money you spend on petrol on a daily basis. so investing in Solar energy would save you all that cost of running your home. Also, as mentioned in the paragraphs above, it stands as one of the cleanest source of energy ever known to man. How Can I Install Solar Energy System In My Home?

How Do I Contact Stardust Technologies To Install My Solar Power System?

You Can reach Stardust Technologies Via:


Now that’s how you can hire the best solar power installation services in Nigeria and have uninterrupted power supply in your home, office, business. Please do share with others too.

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  1. I am happy to read like this, As increasing pollution and global warming we must choose the renewable resources as they never cause any harm to our environment. Solar energy are clean and renewable sources to help our environment.

  2. You are right about that my dear. Solar energy is the best option for anyone wanting a very cheap and neat source of energy. Petrol and diesel engines have had their turns and so deserve nothing but extinction

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