Tutorial: Size Of Rooms And How to Locate A Room In A Residential Building

size of living rooms

As a Nigerian Draftsman, having a good knowledge of the standard sizes of rooms and where they are usually located in a building is very important as far as the planning of a residential building is concerned. 

This is because while a spacious room affords occupants the needed space for movement, sunlight and natural air also find their way into the rooms and these are very important for ventilation.

So If you are a Nigerian, here on Building contractor secrets, you’ll find the standard sizes for bedrooms, kitchen, Patio, Varandah, you’ll also know where to site these rooms in the building.

Now lets talk about these sections of a residential building as far as nigeria is concerned.

What is the standard size of Living room In Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the standard size of Living room may range from 4200mm to 4800mm. This is for most private homes though. You May also find a room as large as 5400mm – 7200mm. The later is usually common with celebrities though.

What is the standard size of Bedrooms In Nigeria?

Firstly before i talk about the size of a bedroom,i would like to talk about the location of bedrooms in a building.

Bedrooms should be located in a part of the building that would allow for proper ventilation while as a matter of fact treating PRIVACY as a very necessary factor.

It is best to locate a bedroom at the side of the building that is opposite to the prevaling wind. The position of the bedroom should permit the entrance of sunlight especially during the early morning hours.

Now What should be the size of a Bedroom? the range should not fall below 3000mm.

A standard bedroom should have dimensions ranging from 3000mm x 3600mm. We could also have rooms of 4200mm x 4800mm. It all depends on the pocket of the client or the owner of such a project.

What is the size of Guest Room In Nigeria?

according to Theconstructor, a guest room should be well ventilated and permit natural luminance by sunlight. It could be located just behind the living room.

As a guest room, it is meant for friends or strangers in most cases. Therefore, a guest room should be disconnected from inside of the house and should  have seperated bathroom and water closet. 

This is required at all time for the convenience of the guest and the house holders.

Generally, the standard size for guest rooms may be 3000mm x 3600mm you can simply say 10 by 12 feet to make it easy. Its just like the normal bedroom you know.

What is the standard size for veranda In Nigeria?

Firstly, we talk about the location of the veranda in a living room. Verandas are best located either in the south or eastern approach of the building or flat.

Just examine the frontage of the building, if it is east, then the verandah would be best located due east.

The Verandah as you may know serves as a waiting room to hold off visitors from the main part of the building. It also provides a kind of segregation as it usually holds off the private apartment from the general area.

A verandah may just be the spot to host some visitors, it is a spot i like most especially when the pizza man rings the bell to hand me a delivery – lol.

Verandahs should have sizes ranging from 1800 – 3000mm. The opening should also have a kind of projection to shield it off from direct sunlight and water from rainfall.

What is the size of the Office room?

This is really not a must for all homes, i know a large number of nigerian residential homes were never constructed to have an office room, but let me just add this incase the reader has a different taste other than that of the average nigerian.

An office room should be located just on one side of the front verandah. It is best disconnected from other rooms.

Most times, an office could serve the same purpose as guest rooms.

It is usually well furnished with gadgets just as found in an office.

The standard size of Office rooms in Nigeria would be 3000mm x 3600mm (Same size as a bedroom right? – you observed well dear)

What is the size of Dining room?

In Nigeria, the dining room is most times located just near the kitchen and very close to the living room or what you’ll call parlor. In modern achitecture however, you’ll discover that the dining room is often combined with the living room and this is done to provide an open space in case of large ocassions.

Well, If you’re the type that wants a different style of dining rooms, you could just make it the size of a bedroom eg 3600 x 4200mm

What is the Size Of Kitchen In Nigeria?

Oh i love the kitchen, the smell of chips frying in that small room makes me smile for minutes you know.

Well, a kitchen should be and is usually located in the rear of the building. The kitchen is best connected to the dining room and should also have one approach from outside also.

Since the kitchen is mostly used in the morning, i suggest it should be located so that sunlight can come in.

Windows should be enough to provide adequate ventilation. Chimneys are also important but i hardly see a chimney in modern day nigerian buildings. Chimneys allows smokes to escape without causing nusance in the kitchen.

Sinks are to be installed since washing and rinsing will be done there, shelves and cupbiards should be installed too.

Gas cookers, freezer can also be placed here to make the wife an industrous one you know.

The standard size for kitchen should be 2500mm x 3900mm. This is for a standard apartment like 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom. It could be smaller for self cons.

What is the Size Of Bathrooms and WC In Nigeria

Before now, bathrooms and toilets has their separate areas in the building,  but recently, as a result of improved architectures, toilets and bathrooms are now attached. It could be to save space too.

This is however common in commercial buildings though.

Bathrooms are very necessary for bedrooms and should be located at the rear of the building. This allows them to be used at the same time.

The common size of bathroom usually ranges from 1800mm x 1800mm to 1800mm x 2500mm.

Once again, this is for a standard apartment.
Now i am sure you have learnt all about the size of rooms in a residential building and how to locate these in a building also.

I do hope you enjoyed the post. Please do well to share with others as this could help them in their research too.
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