How to Calculate the Cost of Plastering A Fence in Nigeria

Today, we would be seeing How to calculate the cost of plastering a fence in Nigeria. This is important because after erecting your fence with blocks, it is left bare which means more exposure to rain and direct sunlight. We all know sandcrete blocks are of little strength, and so there is need to provide a kind of covering that shields the walls from destruction. This is why it is recommended that the block wall sometimes be covered with mortar to a minimum thickness of 15mm.
Because this is just a little tutorial on how to estimate the cost of Plastering the walls of your fence, we would make a few assumptions;
Height of wall = 2m
Thickness of plaster = 15mm
Dimensions of plot = 100ft by 60ft (30.48m by 18.22m)
Gate: 12ft or 3.65m
Well, we have gotten more than all we need to calculate the cost of plastering this fence in Nigeria, so all we have to do is work out the Total area to be plastered.
Remember we already worked out a uniform rate for all Plastering works? We did work out the average cost per square meter for all plastering jobs and this we did a few weeks ago.

How much would it cost to plaster a fence in Nigeria?

We are going to assume everything is the same, including the cost of bag of cement as we highlighted when we wrote What Does it Cost to Plaster 1 Square Meter Wall In Nigeria?
With that, let us proceed with the cost for an entire fence!
The image below is a perfect representation of the plot we are trying to carryout plastering on.
cost of plastering a fence in Nigeria
We can see there is a little opening for gate, this means we are to deduct this from the entire calculation.
The first thing we do is find out how many partitions makes up the entire walls to be plastered.
There are some standards we must have at the back of our mind while making this estimate.
1. 1 partition equals 12 feet length
1 bag of cement covers about 2.5 partitions
Mix ratio is usually 1:12 ( 1 bag of cement for 8 head pan of sharp sand and 4 head pan of mix mud or clay sand

How many Partitions Make up Each wall of the fence?

Remember we agreed on 12 feet length for each partition!

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So when we divide 100ft by 12, we have 8.3 partitions on each side of 100ft

but we have 2 sides measuring 100ft, so we can say 200ft divided by 12ft which gives us 16.66 partitions as we have below!

8.3 partition on 100ft side = 16.66 if we agree a partition is 12 feet
5 partition on 60ft side = 10 partition if we agree a partition is 12 feet

Total Partitions to be plastered = 26.6 or 27 partitions

Deduct 1 partition since our gate is 12 feet long.


  • So total partition to be plastered is 26 partitions

Now, a mason or workman charges ₦2500 on every partition.

₦2500 x 26 partitions = ₦65,000


Number of bags of cement.

We have that 1 bag of cement can cover up to 2.5 partitions if we use the 15mm thickness, 1 bag of cement to 8 head pan of sharp sand + 4 head pan of mix mud

so if 1 bag of cement can cover 2.5 partitions, then we simply divide 26 by 2.5

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26/2.5 gives us 10.4 or 11 bags of cement.

Sand needed to Plaster fence in Nigeria

In order for the work to be free from cracks, we have decided to use 1:12 mix ratio. (Where 1 represents a bag of cement, 12 represents 8 head pan of sharp sand, 4 head pan of mix-mud or clay sand)

So you are going to buy 1 trip of mix-mud which costs ₦25000
You are also going to buy 1 trip of sharp sand which costs ₦35,000

Payment for Helpers

As you know, a workman cannot mix and serve himself, so there are always porters around to help with fetching water, mixing cement and taking it to the point of placement.

These guys are paid around ₦3500 Daily for the work they do.

This means if the work goes for 5 days or more, you set aside some ₦15,000 to pay the helper isn’t it?

Now let us sum all the expenses to be sure of what it costs to plaster a fence in Nigeria.


Materials Required to Plaster a Fence in Nigeria 2022

In this section, we provide a summary of all expenses

11 Bags of cement @₦4200  =₦46,200
1 trip of mix mud                    =₦20,000 (Single)
1 trip of sharp sand               =₦35,000 (2 in 1)
26 partitions @ ₦2500           =₦65,000
Miscellaneous                        =₦20,000 (Planks, boards, nails, drums, etc)

Helper @₦3500 daily             =₦3,500 Daily

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  • Total                                ₦189,000



Please understand there might be more expenses if the work is not finished within a day and the helper had to work some days extra.

This estimate was made based on the assumption that a fence of at least 10 blocks high is about to be plastered, so if you have something lesser than 10 blocks, the estimate might be a bit lower.

Also understand that the agreed length of partition might vary depending on where you are. For instance, in Warri, Delta state, some locations accept 10ft as a partition, In Asaba, 10ft is not acceptable.


Conclusion: How to calculate the cost of plastering a fence in Nigeria

Based on the above, we can boldly say that in order to plaster a fence measuring 100ft by 60ft, a total of ₦200,000 had to be made available to cover for all expenses.

It is important to also understand that the quality of workmen you have for the project would determine how well your material is managed as bad workmen have been known to be really wasteful.

Buying 2 Trips of different types of sand might not be necessary if the normal mix-mud was supplied for the project

The nature of block work can also lead to more expenses as plastering is most times aimed at correcting whatever errors that occurred during setting of blocks.


Image credits: Nairaland

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